Purposeful Parenting

Going for Broke

We all want was is best for our kids but what does purposeful parenting look like in practice?

Follow the creator of Anton’s Antics’ as he negotiates the challenges of being a parent.

“The blog's slogan started off as a joke between my wife and I, as it can be tough making ends meet and parenting is not easy. I want to hear Jesus say ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ with what He has entrusted to me.  We have to go for broke don’t we?

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Mum, is it ok for Christians to get tattoos?

folautattsYour kid might not be desperate to get inked, but the prevalence of tattoos these days means they are going to be on their radar. 

Doesn’t the Bible say something about body markings?

How do we interpret and apply the Old Testament laws?

Isn’t it inconsistent to apply some and not all of the laws?

Professional Footballer Sacked for quoting 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Recently in Australia a footballer was sacked for quoting/paraphrasing 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 on his Instagram page, but he was also covered in tattoos. Was that hypocritical?

Here’s the Instagram post that got him sacked:

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How to handle the anti-free speech bullies

bully-katblog"You no good, your song’s no good and you in it for the money! So &*%$"

People will say anything to bring you down.

Like fishermen they just keep trying different tackle, different bait to see what ‘gets your goat’ the most. It doesn’t have to be true; it can be plain defamatory because all they want is to see some impact, discourage you and block your path.

In promoting the fee speech protest song by Skito, ‘Out on My Erse’ through Facebook ads, I try to leave as many negative comments visible as I can. I think I’ve only deleted one post that was really nasty and didn’t think it deserved any air. I like to leave them there because the words are a testimony against the owners. While they claim to be the opponents to so called 'gay hate speech' the content and tone of their posts often set the bar for truly viscious hateful language. Sometimes their words are rants, shouted from the comfort of someone’s phone or device. On some posts or ad id's I choose to hide a few comments because its my page/ad afterall and I want to focus people’s minds on the song and the issues rather than distracting people with the sewerage of the trolls’ vitriol.

Nehemiah and the 2nd temple wall builders faced up to bullies

Remember the people in Nehemiah’s day?

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What to say when people call you a bigot or 'gay hater'

allanimalsequal‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ is the mantra or slogan of the animal farm as they throw off their human oppressors. But as Orwell’s parody unfolds, it is the pigs who soon elevate themselves to elitist power and oppress their fellow animals for their own gain.

Online this week I was trolled, I was abused, I was hated, sworn at, ridiculed, put down and mocked for supporting a footballer who was sacked for quoting a Bible verse.

Some of it, I laugh at myself. Some people see a guy dressed up as a rapper in a low fi-video, as prime target for ridicule and I get that. But many, ironically miss the point. Skito, the rapper is a satirical character, a send up of all ‘performer personas’, especially in the music business. But, whatever…I see how they take aim at me for not being ‘real’. ‘Your so lame and your song is lame’…they say, without even hearing the song’s full recorded version.

But what they really hate, is not the parody or low production values of my ‘making of’ videos (some even acknowledge the connection of Skito to other parodies, like Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys or Lunatics) but the fact someone would dare enter their space, using a platform like Facebook, to offer an alternative view.

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(PRESS RELEASE) Skito Fuels 'Folau' Controversy With New Single

 Out on My ErseSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 13th, 2019, Indie rapper, Skito, is fired up to release his bold new single “OUT ON MY ERSE” on iTunes and other stores today.

The artist was deeply disturbed over Australian rugby player, Israel Folau’s plight and subsequent sacking from football, compelling him to write this powerful new track. The unforgettably playful catch line, ‘I said a Bible verse, now I’m out on my erse’, contrasts with some heavy hitting beats and bold lyrics that are sure to raise more than an eyebrow. Diverse vocal personas, creative arrangements and a genre shattering break out section ensure this track is not going to be left out on it’s proverbial.


About Skito:
Skito is an alias created by performance artist Stephen Shearsby in 2010, with the original intent of bringing an uplifting and at times confronting musical component to his children’s show, Anton’s Antics. While Skito’s early songwriting leaned gently toward a family audience, it wasn’t long before more mature works emerged. While a debut album is in the works, Skito felt the issues surrounding Folau, including free speech, tolerance and hypocrisy affect everyone and could not be ignored. Skito broke away from other songs to write and complete ‘Out On My Erse’ in less than a week.

‘Some songs you choose to write, this one chose me’.

Out On My Erse is Out Now!

(Sneak Peek) new song slams hypocrisy of Bible verse sacking

Israel Folau single cover art 1...freedom of speech, domestic abuse are just some of the subjects takin’ down in Skito’s new song.

As you may now, Skito is an alias I created in 2010, with the original intent of bringing an uplifting and at times confronting musical component to my children’s show, Anton’s Antics. While Skito’s early songwriting leaned gently toward a family audience, it wasn’t long before more mature works emerged. While working toward an album, Skito felt the issues surrounding banned footballer, Israel Folau, including free speech, tolerance and domestic abuse, affect everyone and could not be ignored.


Watch the SNEAK PEEK of Skito's song as we listen back in studio to one of the recordings.


Be warned: this song takes aim at the hypocrisy of banning a guy for quoting the Bible while letting players who beat their partners back on the field


PS: Follow Skito on his Facebook page and sign up for all the exclusives and updates.

PPS:What's the cover art going to be?


I give you the image that is one ninth of the full cover art...what do you think it will be?


When your child should be banned from their favourite sport

footballertimothy-eberly-983458-blogWhen I was a kid I used to look forward to the weekends because Saturdays meant soccer matches in winter and cricket matches in summer.

I’d be devastated when the weather turned poorly, and you’d wake up dreading the phone call that would break the morning silence and announce the game was off.

Slightly less bad was being made ‘reserve’ and not getting a full game.

You play a sport to play and you’ll do anything to stay in the game you love.


Well what if it meant denying your faith or silencing your mouth when it comes to what you share with others?

When kids deserve to be sidelined

Now, if you’re child does any of the following on the field, I think we all most likely agree, they should be suspended from play, if not banned.

-abusing the referee


-disrespecting the coach

-bullying team-mates or the opposition

Off the field, one might argue that their behavior has no bearing on their Saturday involvement as that is a private matter.

Personal viewpoints and beliefs of our kids on and off the field one would think are just that, personal and a matter of opinion. However, this is changing in our secular societies as demonstrated by recent events in Australia.

Footballer gets sacked and banned from Australian Rugby team for quoting Scripture

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Why fire up a Facebook page for Skito after almost 10 years?

skito profile head shotblogThere’ll be a bunch of people out there who may dimly remember when Anton’s Antic’s shows were just crazy Anton and Stephen the story-teller. Not that just having the two characters was a problem. The shows were still great, but I always wished we had a musical component to lift up the shows, give a transition, a break and take the message home that much further.

For a couple of shows I put on some shades and a cap, maybe a jacket and started beat boxing to Bible verse in rhyme. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it fell flat. You learn quick that while all kids like beatbox, few can sustain beatboxing. You can’t do both so…People didn’t say, ‘drop that idea, it’s not working’. Instead they said…’you need your own beats’. So I went home and downloaded some free beats that I could put some simple rhyming lyrics over the top.

Enter Skito. 

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Before you ban your kid’s device, do this!

mumwithkids-edward-cisneros-blogAre you losing the battle as your precious plays with their ‘precious’?

Do they transform into Gollum when you threaten their device’s removal?

Well before you do a face off and unleash the four horses of the apocalypse there’s one thing you must do that has nothing to do with your kids or their device?

What is it?


We need to talk about you and your device.

This week’s Purposeful Parenting tip is an easy one to grasp, but you may find it harder to put into practice than you think.

Test your fit by answering the following quiz:

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When it's time to ban you kid's device

cyberparentingYour boy is stuck to that darn game again.

You hardly see him and when you try and negotiate time away from his device, he gets cranky, irritable and well, it’s just easier to leave him be. It’s not all bad, lots of his friends do hang out with him, he’s got quite a social life. Only it’s all happening that virtual world. When your boy is present, he’s present in an alternate reality. The real-world lacks flavor. The alternate world is his new home.

Your girl rarely looks you in the eye, she just keeps scrolling.

She’s not antisocial, she just never goes out. After all there’s too much going on insider her device. Comparison is inescapable. Joy and contentment impossible. Beauty is without. Within doesn’t matter. And if she’s not in that device, she doesn’t even exist.

At school, the girls at least sit side by side, scrolling. Lol. During class they share images, via snapchat or Insta, as they sit right next to each other. ‘Sir, THIS IS really important!’ or ‘My mum is texting me!’

The boys likewise think they are masters of disguise, propping up a folder or a laptop, or staring between their legs, so they can play Fortnite or Minecraft or some derivative that is the latest ‘thing’.

As a concerned parent, what do you do?

Do you ban their device in order to save them and your family?

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Why teaching kids tolerance is getting tougher

You’re on holidays with your family, so you decide to visit a church. You arrive right on time but no time to be greeted by anyone, you leave right at the end with no real window of time for anyone to greet and welcome you. You leave.

You might even walk away thinking, ‘what an unfriendly church!’.

It’s highly unfair isn’t it?

When we behave like this, we don’t allow the space to be open to being served or serving ourselves. Instead, what’s really happening is we just want to be with others like ourselves, in our comfort zone, with people we KNOW. Meeting new people is challenging, it’s always easier to stick within your fold. Greeting people requires effort and other-person centeredness. So does making the effort to stick around a little to meet people who aren’t running up in any hurry to greet you as the visitor!

But here’s the thing…this is an opportunity to teach yourself and your kids tolerance.

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