adamsigns1‘Here we are! Here you still are!’ celebrates Bono as the band and crowd jointly spin off the incredible energy generated by the opening track of the Joshua Tree, ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’.

I’m up in Brisbane to catch the first show of the Australian leg with a mate of mine who lives here.

I thought I’d pause all the Anton stuff for a week or two and share with y’all something that is dear to me.

These boys are a bit like family; under my bed and in my ears for years. So, when family comes to town, I like to hang out for a bit.

Thanks to all my close family who’ve given me birthday gifts that I never spent (until now)!

What do I want to share with you about the 30th Anniversary Joshua Tree tour from U2?


If there’s one thing that shone through on U2’s first date in Australia for almost 10 years, it’s the high spirits of thankfulness.

You might think it’s easy to be thankful being a Rockstar.

But their thanks are about little things and big things.

Common grace.

Blessings not just to the ones who kneel.

With both NSW and Queensland on ‘Catastrophic’ fire alerts and both states experiencing incredibly hot conditions, there were touching moments where the band thanked and dedicated ‘Bad’ to the fire fighters ‘keeping us all alive’. Bono was in fine form with snippets of Midnight Oils ‘Beds are Burning’ no sarcasm intended.

Makes you wonder 'how can we be more publicly thankful and lead our kids in thanks for the common graces that abound?'

The actual show (seen from the nosebleed cheapy seats, 3 rows from the back) was a bonus for me.

Big highlight – Edge and Adam sign my pics

The highlight was hanging out with about 20 fans before sound check and actually getting to meet Edge and Adam and have them autograph a few items for me. I know it will sound dumb, but after more than 30 years, its surreal to actually be standing opposite them and eyeballing each other. I have a photo of Adam signing a picture for me and you can see his minder watching my hands very carefully!

So, I won’t say it was an easy moment for me…tense. You don’t want to be uncool. You don’t want to pinch more than your share. You don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. You really over think these moments. I’m sure they find it all a bit awkward in other ways. There are guys here with me from all over the world. People who travel from Japan, Ireland, the US and see just about every show they do. So, I am small fry and not by any measure a really devoted fan; just thought you should get some perspective!

Okay, now the sound wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but it is a footy field and we did have the cheapest seats in the house. The band are in great form, ripping through songs like butter and hopefully the next shows, on the pitch, close to the band performing, will see us enjoying a sharper sound.

Let me in the sound!