Purposeful Parenting

Going for Broke

We all want was is best for our kids but what does purposeful parenting look like in practice?

Follow the creator of Anton’s Antics’ as he negotiates the challenges of being a parent.

“The blog's slogan started off as a joke between my wife and I, as it can be tough making ends meet and parenting is not easy. I want to hear Jesus say ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ with what He has entrusted to me.  We have to go for broke don’t we?

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When kids are too old for Bible stories, what next?

unpollutedpicFBthumbI loved it when my kids were little. You could pull a children’s Bible out and read some of the stories over and over and it never felt like a waste of time. Some stories were unbelievably popular and would be read on high rotation.

Hey, perhaps one day it would be worth us revisiting this and analyse what made those particular stories work so well and others not?

Right now my kids are older and you may think that just because I’m trained, just because I’m a teacher, just because I’m a kid’s performer, it’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy when it comes to reading the Bible regularly with my kids in my home.


It’s probably just like yours.

Do your kids groan… ‘do we have to do this?’

‘Oh no, he’s getting the Bibles out!’

‘Can we hurry this along…’


Or perhaps you haven’t tried to read the Bible regularly with your kids, you’re willing to give it a go but not sure where to start?

I’ve got something cool for you to try and it’s toats FREE.

As my kids grew out of the children's Bibles my wife and found it a huge jump to try and read the adults Bible with our kids. We didn't want to bore our kids or make regular devotions with them a chore for us, so I began experimenting, doodling on an iPad, looking at small chunks of Scripture, together with my crazy friend, Anton. If you don’t know already I produce live shows and videos for kids called ‘Anton’s Antics’ using a trio of fun characters, story-telling with colourful live drawings, rap music and a whole lot of energy!

I have a new series in the works, but before I go any further, I’d like some input from you on how well the videos go with your kids.

What I’ve done is make one, and only one video on the book of James so you can preview it and tell me how it went in your home or ministry.

Test out the video with your kids or ministry today for FREE right here:

How to make reading the Bible with 9-13 old's easy! James 1:2-4

While the video is aimed at the home, I don’t see why you couldn’t also use it in a church or school setting, so don’t be put off, if you can’t see it being used in your home but might have a kid’s ministry you could give it a whirl in.

Try "Unpolluted", my first video in an upcoming series of devotions for 9-13 year olds from the book of James with your kids and let us know how it went! 

(new music) Future-proof your kids against atheism

God You Really There song release by SkitoDo you want your kids to stick with God and stop them being led astray by atheism?

Future-proof your kid’s hearts with this awesome new song release from Skito.

“God You Really There”

Watch the full music video and get a copy of the song ‘God You Really There’ to etch the truth in your kids minds.

Who is Skito?

Skito is one of the three aliases performed by Australia’s most engaging, Christian, one-man show for kids, Anton’s Antics.

God You Really There is an anthem for your home/ministry that will remind your kids how they can be sure God is there and protect them from unbelief.

Background to the song

“God You Really There is inspired by my reaction to the rising tide of sensationalist, atheistic preachers, like Richard Dawkins and the trickle-down effect of their words on society. I wanted to try and catch the moment in sound-bytes, allowing kids to hear that it’s OK to have conflicting thoughts. I just don’t feel comfortable not talking about stuff that’s in our media. Our kids need us to acknowledge the voices of dissent, the doubt they raise and provide safe spaces to talk more about these issues that threaten faith.

The song is also an anthem, with a fantastic chorus to remind kids why belief in God is fixed in empirical evidence, not wishful thinking of weak minded, irrational folk. I really pray a lot of kids and families, fall in love with this song and it becomes a little anthem in their homes” Stephen Shearsby (creator and performer of Anton’s Antics)

Watch the music video and get your copy of God You Really There…Out now in all online stores.

If you’ve just tuned in, for the past few weeks I’ve been covering a series on God’s existence and atheism in an attempt to equip parents and leaders in how to lead conversations with kids about reasons for why God exists. It’s my conviction that unless we prepare kids for how to defend their faith they’ll have little chance at sticking with God for the rest of their lives. Kids need more than knowing the truth, they need good reasons to defend it.

Conversations to Protect Kids From Atheism (read more...)

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5 Practical Reasons Why God Exists

mark-cruz-334535-unsplashtasteicecreamblogMy mate stood up, it was time for him to speak at his 21st birthday party. After thanking everyone for coming, he shared how following Jesus was so important to him. He then commended others to check out Jesus with a tangible benefit that is promised in Scripture, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Psalm 34:8).

In today’s world, experience counts for a lot. Factual evidence, reasoning or argument for God’s existence have their place but what tangible difference does it make? If we can show the benefit belief in God brings, doesn’t that suggest he may exist after all?

If you’ve just tuned in, we’ve been working through a larger discussion about God’s existence and atheism. We’re trying to help our kids grow a robust faith that can stand the test of time.

The big question we want to answer is:

‘How can we be sure our kids will still believe in God when they grow up?’

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'Mum, I don't believe in God anymore'

kids 5 fingersblogImagine how you would feel if your child stopped believing in God.

I'm sure if you are a Christian parent or someone teaching kids at your church or school you'd be devastated to hear one of your kids tell you they don't really believe there is a God anymore.

The western world seems determined to cast off its Christian heritage and adopt a world view that doesn't have a place for God. Our kids will need good reasons for standing their ground.

Do you want to help your kids stick with God for the rest of their lives?

I've got a FREE Guide that I put together for you that will give you a short cut on what you need to know and how to start conversations with your kids to help them think critically and gain confidence for their belief in God so they don’t lose faith.

Go get the Free guide here:

5 Conversations to Protect Your Kids From Atheism

You'll notice that for the past few weeks I've been posting (a little backwards I admit!) articles about each of the three main arguments people offer for the existence of God, outside the Bible. In weeks to come, I'm going to tackle the two remaining and indispensable arguments for God, that come from the Bible. I'm going to give you a very special opportunity to use a new course I'm writing

For the past 10 years I’ve been writing and performing shows for kids that teach the Bible and tackle tricky subjects. But the main action is in the home; if I can help parents talk about tough issues so their kids develop a robust faith in Christ, I’m stoked.

Download this free guide that will give you a short cut for what you need to know, common arguments, conversation tips, key verses and useful resources for thinking critically about God’s existence

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Can there be morals without God?

g-crescoli-364214-unsplashcompasswebIt’s become popular to shout down Christian views on subjects like abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage in today’s secular societies claiming they are no more than opinion. Objective morality is shunned in favour of an evolving morality, one that doesn’t require us to be accountable to anything outside our natural world.

This Purposeful Parenting post is to help us explore in a little more depth the arguments for and against God’s existence based on the moral order we see in our world. If you've just tuned in, this is conversation No.3 of a 5 part series.

PS: [spoiler] I’ve been wanting to share with you a helpful little resource I’ve put together designed to initiate conversation with your kids, but alas, due to some tech hitches, it hasn’t been possible. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to send it through to you. In the meantime, I hope you don’t mind me doing things the other way around, that is, sending you into ‘deeper thought’ before I send you the ‘shortcut’! 

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Is there a great designer or just the appearance of one?

alice-achterhof-85968-unsplashdesigndirtyhandsblogTake you kids to the park, the backyard, the beach and think about some of the wonders you can see, touch or hear. Observe the complexity and ponder:

How did it all get here?

Is it enough to think it is just nature doing its own thing starting from very small beginnings and over long periods of time producing the world we see? Can nature do all that by itself.

Is that all there is?

If science can explain a great deal about how our world is formed, is it foolish to believe in God? Is He necessary?

Conversations with our kids No.2 to protect them from atheism: Intelligent Design

In this post we're going to take a look at 'design', one of the common arguments used both for and against God's existence.

It is interesting to note that both atheists and Christians use the same information to conclude that a God does not or does exist, respectively. This should give us pause for thought; maybe it’s possible to be a good scientist and believe in God and maybe its possible to be a good scientist and not believe in God? Are we at a stalemate?

Let’s put it another way: Does the sophisticated and orderly world we know fit best with a purposeful and orderly creator? Or can the natural word sufficiently explain its existence without the need for a great designer?

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Who Made God? The Uncaused Causer

Umoved-Mover-600x397Can you remember those moments as a child when you lay in bed and wondered ‘how did I get here? What am I? Where did this all start?’

Being a child can be a wonderful place. Your mind spinning with questions and a desire to explore the world around you and discover its meaning. As we get older we often loose the edge to enquire and go deeper. Then along comes some persuasive, popular ideas carted around like a circus to every town telling us God isn’t necessary or even probable.

For many down the ages, the knowledge that a creator had ordered the world encouraged them to investigate and understand how it all fits together. But this is easily forgotten and ridiculed in today’s media.

Our kids may be satisfied for a while with our answer, ‘God made the world’, but it won’t be long before they hear the atheist view that God is not necessary, nor even likely to exist for the world to exist.

Our kids will need to know more than just ‘God made the world…look at the Bible’. They’ll need good reasons for believing and standing by the Bible’s message.

What will you say? Where will you point them?

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Why do we get so upset when someone cheats?

ball tampering1When your kid plays a weekend sport and you see someone breaking the rules the first thing you think is ‘it’s not fair’, right?

Few of us would say, ‘look, everyone is entitled to their view. If they wish to play that way, then we need to respect their choice and interpretation of the game’.

Not likely. We charge up to the referee and point out the infraction, expecting a just response.

Why is this innate to our psyche?

Why does truth matter so much in sport?

Ok, it’s just a game and we agree to abide by certain rules to play the game. Aren’t we just voluntarily submitting to such rules for a period that applies to the game being played? Yes. So, don’t get too high and mighty and start questioning my morality…it’s not like it’s about some big ‘right or wrong’!

Or is it?  If there such a thing as truth then doesn't it matter?

What’s truth? Is the title of a brand-new video course for kids that can be used both in the home or the church ministry.

It's the only video course that tackles the tricky subject of truth in a way that kids understand and equips them to give good reasons for why they believe Jesus is 'that' truth.

You can preview the course, just click on the graphic below:


It’s just not cricket

‘What’s truth?’ is a subject that came to the fore in Australia during a recent international cricket match between Australia and South Africa. Our leading sport heroes, including our captain, Steve Smith who was recently hailed as being as good as the great Don Bradman, were caught in a rule breaking scandal. They were caught cheating by fiddling with the cricket ball to try and create an advantage while bowling to the other team.

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How do we know something to be true?

Our kids will be faced with ridicule for their belief that Jesus is God’s Son.

The rhetoric runs like this…those who believe Jesus has come from God to save the world do not have good reasons for their belief. Instead it is ‘simple belief’, unfounded by solid evidence and in the end amounts to no more than personal intuition.

How do we help the kids in our churches or our own family understand and be able to explain the reasons why they should believe Jesus is the truth?

Natasha Crain helpfully reminds us that we should not require MORE evidence for Jesus than what we normally require to make ordinary judgements in every day life. Otherwise we are being unreasonable, demanding a level of proof that is inconsistent with how we behave. (‘Keeping Your Kid’s On God’s Side, 2016)

Will your kids have sufficient evidence to know why Jesus is the truth so they can give good grounds for what they believe?

Or, are your kids just going to stick their heads in the sand and be fairly criticized for having ‘simple belief’?

Surely, we need to be attempting the following three things:

  1. Encourage them to require and seek evidence for Jesus being the truth.
  2. Help them see where they can get such evidence for Jesus being the truth.
  3. Package such evidence so that its something they can explain in their own words to their peers.

Now you might be struggling or wondering how you’re going to do no.2 or 3, right?

I’m here to help!

Right now, I’ve put online a video course from Anton’s Antics called ‘What’s Truth?’ The video course is designed to help you and your kids dive into the question of truth and follows the story of Jesus on trial before Pontius Pilate.


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Take your Easter to another level!

Truth is relative…truth is what you make it…?

But then some big computer company gets a bite taken out of its credibility when it sends out updates to make our phones obsolete. Truth still relative for you now? Then a major international sporting team is caught out on camera tampering with the ball in South Africa. So, what? Isn’t truth what you make it?

I wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but just in time for Easter Anton has got good news for you!

What is it?

What’s Truth? Video course for kids


Who should get it?

Both kid’s ministry leaders and parents

Why should both parents and kids ministry leaders get ‘What’s Truth?’

Our goal must be more than that our kids believe in the truth; we want them to be able to give good reasons why they believe Jesus is the truth for all. Anton’s here to make equipping your kids with those good reasons for what they believe, super easy.

When should you get it?


What’s Truth is perfectly suited to Easter celebrations and will take your child’s understanding of Easter to a new level as we explore the subject of ‘Truth’.

Anton’s Antics has been performing Easter shows for many years, one of them, a favourite, is called ‘What’s Truth?’ The show follows the story of Jesus’ trial before Pilate where he is asked ‘What’s Truth?’ I’ve taken one key part of the What’s Truth Live show and turned it into a video course for kids.

Will it work after Easter?


Truth is a subject we need to tackle year round!

Plus we’ve got an early bird incentive!

What will it do for you?

  • Fill your kid’s with confidence as to why Jesus is THE truth.
  • Give your kids good reasons why Jesus is the truth and tips on how to answer those who don’t believe.
  • Take your kids beyond just recalling the Easter story and develop their understanding of how Jesus came to reveal the truth about God and our world.
  • Give you a comprehensive teaching resource for your home or ministry. What’s Truth? Will make teaching why Jesus is ‘the’ truth super fun and engaging through a fun feature video.
  • Groove your kids minds in why Jesus is THE truth, beyond the feature video, through a new, powerful music video by rapper, Skito.

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