Fffear3PicblogWould you like entertaining, in depth-Biblical shows performed LIVE for your kids in your home to grow their faith?

As we face such unsettling times it’s natural to want to protect our kids from fear and anxiety. But there’s no hiding from them now that our world isn’t as ‘safe’ as we’d like it to be.

So, how do we guide our kids onto solid ground when they are so isolated from friends and church family?

Anton’s Antics’ Live on the Internet Shows are here to help!

With the onset of the pandemic and shutdown of ‘normal’ life as we know it, Anton’s Antics has been performing in depth, Bible shows to keep kids growing in Jesus by tackling tough subjects like fear and anxiety.

I’m Stephen Shearsby (aka Anton), the creator and performer of Anton’s Antics, Gospel Shows For Children and Families. For more than 10 years since I left Bible college and full time Family Ministry in Anglican churches in Sydney, I’ve been performing a full throttle, three act show in schools, churches and events, using multiple art-forms and three wonderful characters.

What makes Anton’s Antics unique?

Anton’s method of teaching is unquestionably unique, through storytelling with live colouful chalk drawing kids become glued to the unfolding message of the Bible show after show.

But that’s not all.

Each episode rapper Skito lifts the show to another level, celebrating what we’ve learnt for the day in one of his powerful beats and teaching us a memory verse.

Of-course the show would not have its name sake if it weren’t for the loveable, eccentric Slovakian trouble-maker, Anton. Anton is the comedy, who sets up the show, asks the big questions and reminds us why Jesus has to be No.1 in our lives.

All Anton’s characters and artforms coalesce into robust, well-rounded and memorable shows that are full of fun but never lacking in thought provoking, punch.

Right now, Anton is performing FREE, for a limited time, on Facebook to help families round the world as we deal with the unprecedented levels of panic, fear and anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic.

Your kids could be there asking questions and digging deep in the Scriptures, live in your own home!

All you have to do is join Anton's community here on www.antonsantics.com

Then, I’ll be in touch with the time and date for Anton’s next show, so your kids can join the audience LIVE in your home through Facebook!