Ffear2evilIs THE virus making your kids miss their Kid’s church?

Here in Australia, churches are closed, gatherings are limited to two people...all due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What if you could guarantee them an interactive, entertaining, half hour of solid Bible teaching pitched at their level?

Anton’s got good news!

Anton’s Antics has been performing a full blown, 30 minute live show, live and FREE on Facebook for the past two weeks to ensure kids have access to some awesome Bible teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Right now you can catch the replay of Anton’s Live Shows that were Live streamed to Facebook, right here:

Freedom From Fear 2: Pure Evil


Aside - An apology:

We’re all learning how to handle new tech aren’t we!

For those wondering why the footage this week is a little grainy, well, that’s a rookie error on our part we think, as we weren’t quick enough to SAVE the video feed before FB took it and posted it to our timeline. Consequently, all we can do is download the FB feed and unfortunately, FB has only a very grainy quality. Now this could be due to our camera’s FB video upload settings or just FB being tight on video quality. We do apologise and hopefully in the coming week we’ll never see that problem recur!

I think we all need to pray to be kind to ourselves and those around us as we break new ground and learn new things.


How can you prepare for Anton’s Kids Church in your home?

-Pray before hand.

-Read the Bible passage that will be covered in the show.

-Watch Anton live

-Get ready with questions and comments so you can interact live on FB with Anton!

-Discuss the show and pray afterward with your family.


 What’s happening this week?

As Easter approaches I’m sure you will all be interested in some amazing, on point content.

Anton’s got you sorted!

This weekend we are doing a live feed again and broadcasting Anton’s live show, live into a real churches live feed (somehow!). We were scheduled to perform live from a church across the harbour in Sydney but the limit on gatherings being down to only two people means we will be crossing from the church over to Anton’s studio.

Please pray for us to have a good morning of sharing God’s word and that the cross between the venues, live, goes well.


When does it start?

Sydney Time Sunday 5th April from 10am the service at the church starts and Anton’s live feed will commence a bit later, probably around 10:20 I suspect.

Please stay tuned as we finalise the time slot as it will vary from the past two weeks, where we started, bang on 10am.



Anton’s Facebook page

Yes, it will be Facebook live; Anton’s live show within a church service!

But you’ll still be able to ask questions, give comments, tells us where you’re watching from.



Since Easter is approaching we’ll be looking at John’s account as Jesus and the disciples head into Jerusalem.


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