climatechangelinanlimWe can hear the land groan as it drinks in the rain from recent downpours.

We are reminded of that verse that the ‘creation eagerly awaits the sons of God to be revealed so it can be released from its bondage to decay…’

Recent catastrophic fires across our country have wreaked enormous devastation and left families and kids with nightmares. Some will be left with scarred memories of holidays gone wrong, others with much more, the loss of home, livestock, businesses and lives.

Climate change advocates used the horrendous moment to shout down nay-sayers and demand more action from government.

We heard one sporting celebrity refer to the events as signs of God's judgement, even connecting them with recent changes in legislation to allow same sex marriage.

The government didn’t really engage and perhaps rightly, focused, albeit a little belatedly, on helping communities and deploying services for fighting the fires.

If you have kids, they’ll likely be on board with it. Or at least ‘onboarded’ with it as they go to school. Unless of course your kids’ school is ‘right wing’ as the lefties say and don’t accept the evidence or claims about climate change.

Are you going to raise climate change activits, passivists, naysayers or just don't engage and let them find their own way?

Paradise lost

Are we responsible for the creation’s bondage to decay?

Of course!

That’s what the verse says…God subjected the world to…Us. He handed the world over to frustration. To a place that is difficult to yield benefit. When we chose to run our lives and the world our way, without God (Genesis 3), we chip at the earth, hard as flint, haphazardly making the beds we now lie in. And poor stewards we have been. It could have been easier. It could have been beneficial. What we have is a pale, hazy version of paradise lost.

Climate change skeptic or advocate?

Now you might be a climate change skeptic.

You might not believe or accept the science that says our planet is warming and we need to take action to reduce carbon emissions.

I get it.

For me, I’m open minded. Or I try to be.

I don’t think its black and white.

Christians are people who care about evidence

But I do think that we need to pay attention to scientific evidence…even when it isn’t 100% conclusive.

We Christians are people of evidence.

We wouldn’t follow Christ if there was no solid evidence for his resurrection.

So, when there is evidence that points to global warming and climate change, I think we need to pay attention.

Whose side are you one, left, right, middle?

I don’t like one sided agendas being pushed in schools.

We’ve seen it with same sex attraction, so called gender fluidity and now climate change.

Recently in Australia, ‘right wing’ groups are trying to counter the pretty much accepted and dominant ‘left’ narrative of climate change being educated in schools. I don’t know what their curriculum offering looks like, or whether I’d agree with it or not. The point is, we should allow diversity of opinion, as long as there is evidence to support either case or side. Let’s take the ‘agenda’ out of it and try and present the views in a way that kids can at least appreciate and form their own opinion. What good is there in ignorance?

For me, I grew up aghast at how much we wasted as a society. Plastics that were bought yesterday and thrown in the garbage or incinerated the next. Cans, bottles and paper that we burnt or trashed that could have been recycled.

I still today, can’t understand why our Government hasn’t made steps to legislate and enforce that any product sold in Australia has to have a renewable and recyclable path, both in packaging and actual product.

I still don’t know why councils don’t make it easier for households to recycle their own water. Sanitation. Ok, but it’s not unsolvable.

Of course, we are talking about more than recycling and better use of resources.

Global warming is about emissions and where to put all our carbon.

But let’s face it, we are poor stewards of the world handed over to us ‘to frustration’. That it destined now to generate a poor yield is no matter. That we make it worse by our clumsiness is just folly.

What would be wrong with reducing emissions and seeking more sustainable, environmentally ‘gentle’ energy sources?

Most of the problem really lies in our selfishness and greed.

Third world countries want their time in the sun, we’ve had ours, so why can’t they?

I don’t mind if we aren’t perfect on climate change science.

The thing is, we as Christians are familiar with ‘doomsday’ prophecy. We take it very seriously.


Because Jesus was raised from the dead to redeem those who trust in him and judge the world.

End of days.

So. when some scientific research suggests its own, earthly, ‘end of days’ we ought to take it seriously.

Not because it has any connection with Jesus’ return, but because we believe in evidence for an ending.

We take action because we believe the ending is real, based on Jesus resurrection.

We are people of the book, the most significant testimony of evidence the world could know.

And so, we ‘Trust in Jesus now for the forgiveness of sins’.

And that is what we proclaim.                                       

When there is some science-based research arguing for significant climate changes that will affect our planet, Christians, should be the first to listen and weigh up the evidence.

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