unstoppableTook my kids to see the “Soul Surfer Sequel” the other week. Well, actually, my wife did and I tagged along thinking, ‘it’s good to support these things and my girls really liked Soul Surfer’, so here we are in a cinema with friends from church watching a limited release screening.

You really should catch this movie...somehow!

While it picks up where Soul Surfer left off, this is not recreation of real life but a documentary. If you don’t know, the Soul Surfer movie was a recreation of what happened to upcoming pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack in Hawaii while surfing.

Now describing the ‘sequel’ with the word ‘documentary’ sounds dull and doesn’t really do this film justice.

A Cracking Watch: Joy and Faith Against Fear

Unstoppable is a tightly edited, montage of real events containing a wide spectrum of footage from home video to professional underwater and drone photography. It kicks along at a cracking pace and weaves a neat storyline with flashbacks to life before and during the time of the shark attack, to the ultimate challenge of facing up to BIG waves at Hawaii’s Jaws, surf spot.

Yes, it’s a surfing movie and a good one at that, with lots of awesome footage that even non surfers will enjoy.

There’s a real joy in following the challenges Bethany sets herself against incredible odds. She takes on aerial surfing, ridiculous barrel riding, almost no fear towing into some big, big waves. With all the PR surrounding ‘Soul Surfer’, we learn how it probably cost her a shot at the World Title. Bethany and her husband are so authentic you can’t help but join them and feel for them as they navigate the emotional roller coaster of parenting and pursuing your dreams most of us wouldn’t consider with all our limbs intact!

However, ‘Unstoppable’ is also much more than a surfing movie, it’s about the people and their testimony to Christ as they lift him up through their determination.

I gave Bethany a little shout out in Anton’s first ever live stream to Facebook. She was here in Australia for the surfing comp season, but due to the Coronavirus, all events have been cancelled. Looks like the World Title won’t be happening for her this year.

Unstoppable Son of God

But having seen her surf with such courage and of her determination to take on the World Title again she reminded me of the ‘Unstoppable’ Christ Jesus, who in Mark’s gospel is shown to defeat every fear and every threat against life. He calms the storm, he casts out evil, drowning it in the sea, he removes a woman’s 12 year bleed and raised a man’s dead daughter: The disciples were on a real roller coaster that took them deep into absolute terror and fear and into the powerful, unstoppable rescuer, Jesus.

Right now, we are faced with what looks like an unstoppable virus, spreading across the globe, wreaking havoc to our ‘certainty’ in life. Mark’s gospel clearly shows us Jesus’ divinity and purpose in coming into the world, namely, to rescue us from death and evil. In response to the closure of churches, Anton’s Antics showed up on Sunday morning just passed, with a Free, live streamed, live show on Facebook for kids. The show clocked in at about 30 minutes and we had a wonderful question time, answering live questions from kids in the virtual audience.

Given how well the first show went, live to Facebook, and people’s interest in more shows, we have decided to give it another go, this Sunday. So please be praying for us and God to use it.

Support Christian Artistic Endeavour

Now, cinemas might be closed, but Unstoppable must be purchasable online or something.

Go on, support Christian art, enjoy some encouraging, uplifting, real life stuff on screen with your family. We could all do with that right now.


PS: if you missed the live stream of Anton’s first ever Facebook live show on Sunday, then click here for the replay

Alternatively if you prefer your kids using YouTube, then I’ve put a slightly edited version on Anton’s YouTube channel

Be sure to tune in this week Sydney time, Sunday 10am for our second live show live stream on Facebook, Free to you all!