Imagine your next event where everyone has a blast and the good news of Jesus is unmistakably clear and joyfully loud?

Bring the crazy antics of Anton, Stephen’s engaging storytelling and Skito’s thumping beats to your church, school or community with one of Anton’s Antics’ live shows.

“Fantastic! The kids really enjoyed the drawings, the rap music, the comedic style and so did the parents. Great fun, great message. Thoroughly recommended."
Andrew 'Mako' van der Moezel
Lake Joondalup Baptist Church Family Pastor, BCWA Children's Consultant.

Anton’s Antics also raises the bar for kids' ministry publishing niche resources that really hold kids' attention and clearly teach God’s word. Plus, if you’re a mum or dad you’ll want ideas on how to be purposeful as a parent. Go for broke with Anton’s Antics’ free Purposeful Parenting blog.

Bring us your hopes and dreams for reaching your community and let’s do ministry together.

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