…now that churches are starting to shut down, effectively preventing gatherings of more than a few, Anton’s got great news for your family or ministry!

This weekend Anton will be going LIVE to Facebook with a full throttle live performance, straight into your home or church.

No need for tickets

No need to clamor down the front to get a good spot.

Just show up with your computer, tablet or phone with your kids and catch the live stream.

Your kids will love it!

What’s the show about?

Freedom from Fear

With all the stress and scariness of what’s happening in our world over the Coronavirus, Anton thought it was time to step up and go live on the internet with a show to encourage us all, FREE.

What you can expect?

All the characters, all the fun, live stories from the Bible using colourful chalk drawings, crazy antics and wait for it…a bit of rap music that will shake a good fist at the prevailing fear and drive us all to a deeper trust in Jesus.

Go and Tell your friends and show up on:

10 AM (Sydney Time AEST) on Sunday 22nd March

But I’m in the USA?

Ok, then if for example you are in IOWA, you’ll be turning up on Saturday 21st March at 6pm (yes, we are 16 hours ahead of you in Oz).


Anton’s Facebook page

Yes, it will be Facebook live!

Which means you could even ask a question for me to answer if you like.

So, make sure you’re following Anton’s FB page.

And Tell you friends…let’s make THIS go viral and unlike Corona, spread God’s word and love across the globe.

PS: Please pray for this idea to work! It’s no easy thing to try and pull off…maybe you’ll see quite a bit of stumbling here, but I hope to make it worth your while and honour our Lord.

PPS: here’s the time again: 10 AM (Sydney Time AEST) on Sunday 22nd March

PPPS: Follow Anton’s FB page so you’re good to go for the live stream