viruscomputer-dimitri-karastelev-0hO1QgI1H8g-unsplash-1It’s easy to fall prey to fear and take flight, cocooning ourselves in mountains of toilet paper, if we have them, in response to the threat of the coronavirus.

It’s easy to become paralyzed and panic.

OK, to take precaution is sensible. To do what we can to slow the spread is wise.

My church denomination has just suspended all services for the time being.

So its over for ministry, right?


Why the virus won’t stop the (Anton) music!

We need to be cautious but we also need to be creative, proactive …the word of God is not chained to a virus

Instead of just shutting off and closing down every ministry we have, we need to talk about how we can be creative in doing more ministry in these times, not less.

Which is why, Anton is about to do something creative, something proactive, something risky but worth a shot…more on this later.

I watched a very encouraging live video stream on Facebook the other day with two church pastors discussing how they were going to respond to the virus and its impacts on their ministry.

One of the key take homes was not focusing on what will happen to our Christian ministries and what we need to shut down. Instead the question they asked was what are our congregations’ needs and our communities’ needs and how can we serve them?

The question flips the attitude from flight to fight, from retreat to advance.

When Jesus came into the world he didn’t retreat from disease, hunger or even death. He was the king bringing the kingdom of God into the world. The advance of that kingdom is entrusted to us as we share the good news.

If we take Jesus’ sermon on the mount seriously, then the kingdom belongs to those who are broken, weeping, poor…meaning, now is a significant moment for us…maybe for once we will see ourselves as ‘not in control’, ‘broken’, ‘downhearted’ and in need of a savior?

I recommend you catch the replay right here, I shared it on Anton's Facebook page

A ‘cruisy life’ is actually unusual, not normal like we thought.

According to some observers never before have we had it so good.

We’ve never been healthier, wealthier, able to live longer than now.

Suddenly, we’re experiencing extremes in climate with devastating fires, floods, cyclones.

Now we’ve got those natural disasters back to back with what seems to be an unstoppable virus.

People of past generations, who survived the great depression, the World Wars, I’m guessing know the feeling of insecurity and mortality being not so far away.

But then again, it doesn’t take long for human beings to forget, move on and get on with ‘normal’ living when peace finally arrives.

We on the other hand, tend to vainly think we are invincible, or at least, status quo, stability and security are the norm.

Few countries in the world know security and stability, however.

We have joined the pile of tumult and we don’t like it.

It is terrifying, this feeling of anything could go wrong.

A feint curtain of security

The reality is that there is vain curtain of ‘normal’ that separates us from the certainly uncertain, fragile and mortal existence that is to be a human being.

It’s not a reality because we coveted God’s authority. We spurned his rule and we stole it away from Him, to create a vain, deceit of a reality, but real nonetheless.

Not only do we not know how to rule the world, since we rejected the only person who can tell us, the world will not yield to us…it too has been subjected to frustration. Life has been taken from us, we cannot and will not live forever. This is the prerogative of the creator we spurned.

Consequently, unfettered from his demands we bumble across the earth, momentarily lulled into thinking we have control and power to execute our dreams. Live our lives, our way.

Of course, the world can be understood and ‘used’ for our purposes if we choose to study it. The creator made it intelligible and that information is still there to be found if we accept there is order and that the world should make sense when we look at it.

But then disaster strikes and all our footings come lose.

Our wealth.

Our health.

Our confidence in ourselves, our science.

Which is why we need to think creatively about how to do MORE ministry now than ever.

It’s not just time to protect our health and reduce our activities.


What will you do?

What will you do at your church?


What is Anton doing?

What I plan to start and hopefully continue beyond a one off, is to experiment with LIVE performances using Facebook Live.

Announcing: Anton's Sunday Service

So keep an eye out for the details and get your kids together for the very first live performance coming to you through Facebook!

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