Where will your kids find their identity...who they are?

In having a mum or dad? In your love for them?

In having a family to share laughs, hurts, the mundane and the exceptional?

In the home you provide for them? In the way their siblings treat them?

In their achievements at school or sport? In the career they choose?

In the ministry they serve in?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you should see the Kendrick Brother’s latest film, Overcomer.

Here's my reflections and review

Many of us don’t realise it but we place our value in the roles we have, like being a mum or dad, the work we do, the accomplishments we make, the rapport we have, the recognition we’ve gained. It can creep up on us and shock us when something that defines us is swept away. We are left reeling and wondering ‘who am I now?’

Sometimes our value can come from lack of achievement…we feel worthless because we haven’t achieved. We set out to sail the seven seas but barely got out of the harbor before every boat we built sank.

If you lose a parent…you might ask the same question in a different way…’who am I now I don’t have a dad?’

A child without value?

If you aren’t loved by your parents, or they passed away or abandoned you, what does that make you? I see plenty of kids in schools who are off the rails, often as a result of an identity crisis with their family.

Who am I?

Do I matter?

Where do I find my value…do I have any value if no -one loves me…?

Misplaced value

Some us find enormous value in family.

We serve it, we love it, it is us. We hurt when it does not love us. When it moves away. When it passes.

When we lose the thing ‘we give our heart to’ then we might find our value…questioned. We feel devalued.

Overcomer tackles this very issue, head on following the stories of three main characters.

One is a basketball coach who has misplaced his value in his accomplishments and sport.

One is a girl who believes she has no value as her parents abandoned her.

One is a dying man who has rediscovered his identity and regaining his value.

All of us need to know who we are and why we matter.

Overcomer shows us on the big screen where to root our identity, namely in Christ.

It’s a very relatable movie as the stories aren’t big, they’re small, pedestrian even. There’s no big crime to solve, no war to stop, no espionage or huge twist to watch out for, but there is the crisis of identity, who we are and why we matter that needs to be solved.

I love the work of the Kendrick Brothers, praise God for them and may they make many more films. I loved how they did not hide the Christiann-ess of the film…it’s in your face 100%. You won’t have critics going ‘oh so it’s a sneaky Christian agenda film’ here. No, it’s a full Christian film where you’ll see prayer, how to become a Christian, evangelism, people struggling to be Christian and pray to solve difficult issues, marriage and submission being modelled, kids ‘suffering’ as their parents argue and more. I particularly loved seeing how sometimes we can become so focused on what we’re doing that we need God to refocus our identity so we can see the opportunities in front of us to serve him.

Now you know I love the film but that doesn’t mean I loved everything

I wasn’t convinced of everything in the movie, mainly I felt some parts just weren’t entertaining enough to be in the movie. I’m not saying everything has to be a barrel of laughs or high action or tension, but some parts felt very labored and ‘not of the same cloth’ as the rest of the movie. I found myself feeling like I was driving a porche and then suddenly the car changed to a school bus. So, I was still in the theatre having the movie experience but something had abruptly changed or slowed my enjoyment down. Bear in mind I’m Christian and glad to see all the great content and examples of Christian behaviour for all to see up on the big screen, but I was left wondering if there were better ways to film it.

I did wonder initially about War Room…’how can you make a movie about prayer…there’s nothing to film?!’ and yet they achieved the seemingly impossible to make a great film about prayer. In ‘Overcomer’ I wasn’t as convinced, for me the enjoyment factor dropped a few notches in comparison with War Room.

Use Overcomer for Family Devotions

Afterward as a family we’ve been working through Ephesians 1 and watching some of the interviews, trailers and on set devotions for Overcomer to spark prayer and discussion in our family. The whole film was based around Ephesians 1 and 2, so there’s lots to delve into.

I encourage you to do the same!

I reckon it will suit a family audience and be immensely encouraging, so support Christian artists and get along to see Overcomer this week.

Here's a link to the trailer: Overcomer Trailer Videos