Xmas-2012-schooler-webwithpencilsblogMost kids sit in church on Christmas day next to their parents, itching to get back to their presents. But what if your church could give them a mini-story with stickers and activities that would teach them about the significance of Christmas and keep them delightfully occupied during the service?

Do you have a small team and are your resources a bit thin around Christmas time?

Or do you have a large event and you want to give each child a meaningful and Biblical Christmas gift?

Imagine if you didn’t have to lift a finger and could give them a self-directed lesson, they can do in church or at home that is Biblically focused and packed with fun activities including full colour stickers?

Whether its your church, school or home, Anton's Sticker Stories raises the bar on the ministry to your kids this Christmas

 Anton's got you covered with four sticker story lines to choose from. Each story line also has versions that suit school age (6-12 years) and before school age children (3-5 years). That’s eight sticker story versions that cover most parts of the Christmas story, four stories, two age groups for each.

But time is getting short, you really must order Anton’s Amazing Christmas Sticker Stories NOW!

What makes Anton's Sticker Stories so good?

Anton’s Antics sets the standard for superior kid’s resources.

  • First, there's the beautiful stickers – kids love them!
  • Second, there's the incredible quality of the illustrations
  • Third, there's the way each story is packed with a variety of activities on each page and…
  • Drum roll…there's the fresh way each sticker story teaches the Christmas story, while remaining Bible focused.

If you haven’t ordered your bundle of sticker stories this Christmas from Anton’s Antics, you better get cracking…there’s only a few weeks till Christmas!

Anton’s Sticker Stories set the bench mark for simplicity yet depth of content, cost effectiveness and most importantly, kid’s approval rating!


Here’s the links you’ll need if you are a parent, looking for an assortment of sticker story variety packs for your clan to do over the Christmas period:

Before school age 6 pack

School age 6 pack

Teachers and Kid’s leaders/Pastors:

Here’s the names of the stories you’ll need if you are a school teacher, pastor or kid’s leader, looking for some sticker story variety packs for your school or church

The Shepherd and the King

Who's For You?

The Visitor

Star Struck (school age out of print)

Save yourself a bundle of time and be confident you have the best resource to teach the Christmas story to kids

Get set up with the best resources this Christmas by ordering your Sticker Story packs today from Anton today!

Remember orders in Australia over $49 are freight FREE!

PS: Remember there are four different story lines, two age versions for before school (3-5-year old’s) and school age (6-12-year old’s) kids.

Don't miss out, make Christmas super easy, delight your kids and buy with the confidence that you will be setting the standard high.

Note: pencils not included.