stickerstorydemohandblogAre you wondering how you’re going to keep kids occupied during Easter services?

Do you wish you could offer kids something substantial that would pitch the Easter story at their level, but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and takes all the pressure off you doing another thing?

Maybe you're also a parent looking for a Bibliical way to stretch your kid's faith through the Easter story?

I’m guessing that like most churches, you’ll be having the kids in with mum and dad during the Easter services. None of us want them to be bored, but even with a few ‘kiddy’ related spots or songs, any service can seem like an eternity to kids while that choc bunny is sitting at home, ready to be eaten.

What we need is something Biblical that turns a dull hour or so into a delight for them, right?

Imagine if you didn’t have to lift a finger and could give them a self-directed lesson, they can do in church that is Biblically focused and packed with fun activities including full colour stickers?

I’m Stephen Shearsby the creator of Anton’s Antics, Gospel Shows for Children and Families and over the past 7 years I’ve been writing and publishing sticker stories to make Easter a breeze for Christian ministries.

You see, one day a person came to me with a problem...

They were tired of trying to think of things to give to kids during Easter services to keep them busy not bored. They were frustrated at the random nature of some of the word puzzles they handed out. They didn’t like the lack of Bible content and meaningfulness of the sheets they downloaded from the internet.

They wanted to step up. Perhaps you do as well.

At the same time, the organisation I worked for had a little sticker sheet for playgroups to use at Christmas. The idea being that the kids would stick the stickers randomly into a page of pictures around the Christmas story. They were popular but didn’t really offer much story; you as a leader had to supply the story to make the sticker sheet more purposeful.

I reflected on these things:

Kids love stickers

Kids love story

Kids love thoughtful activities

Then it dawned on me…what if we could combine the fun activities and the stickers together but apply them all within a short, coherent story that faithfully taught the Bible?

Now we’re talking, right?!

The idea for Anton’s Antics Sticker Stories were born.

Imagine if you had something that will engross kids in God’s word this Easter as they carefully place stickers into a short story and complete age appropriate activities.

Four Easter Sticker Stories, Two Age Group Versions Each

I’ve got you covered with four sticker story lines to choose from. Each story line also has versions that suit school age (6-12 years) and before school age children (3-5 years). That’s eight sticker story versions that cover most parts of the Easter story, four stories, two age groups for each.

So that you can be confident you’re not covering the same old territory, I’ve created each Easter sticker story from different moments in the Easter event: Jesus came, Jesus suffered, Jesus rose (empty tomb), Jesus Rose (appearances). What this does is focus attention on a specific theme within the Easter story allowing for greater impact of God’s word on young lives.

It took us a while to develop the art…but I’m so proud of the work we’ve done creating awesome graphics that clearly depict the emotion of some of the Bible’s scenes.

Kids as you know look at the pictures first. They interpret the story, through the graphics.

But what about the Bible…what do the stories say??

Let’s take a quick look at each one so that you can decide which story is going to suit your kids this Easter. I’ve summarized the key theme/message for each and then put their titles underneath them below:


lostandfound overviewblog“Lost and Found” Sticker Story

Jesus came…to seek and save the lost

Children see how Jesus came to seek out and save us, offering forgiveness and a fresh start.

Click on the below links to check out the details for each age version:

Lost and Found – School Age Version

Lost and Found – Before School Age Version

 (Cover shot of 'Lost and Found' School Age Sticker Story with sticker sheet, pencils not included)

True or False-schooler-page 03blog



“What’s Truth?” Sticker Story

Jesus suffered…to pay for our wrong

Children learn the truth about God’s love to send Jesus to pay for everyone’s wrong.

Click on the below links to check out the details for each age version:

True or False? – School Age Version

True or False? – Before School Age Version

 (Second page of 'What's Truth? School Age Sticker Story shown with code breaking text)



 “Fame” Sticker Story Easter schooler-2013-2-3page-05blog

Jesus rose (Part 1 – Empty tomb)…to show his job is done and our wrong has been paid for in full.

Children discover who the biggest celebrity is as they follow Peter’s discovery of the empty tomb.

Click on the below links to check out the details for each age version:

Fame – School Age Version

Fame – Before School Age Version

(centrefold of 'Fame' school age sticker story shown)



 Easter 2014-circle25x25x8blog“With Eyes Wide Shut” Sticker Story

Jesus rose (Part 2- Resurrection body) …to give us new life

Walk in the shoes of the disciples on the road to Emmaus as their eyes are opened to see and believe that Jesus has risen from the dead.

With Eyes Wide Shut Sticker Story – School Age Version

With Eyes Wide Shut Sticker Story – Before School Age Version

 (sticker sheet for 'With Eyes Wide Shut' sticker story shown)


Frequently asked questions

What about families? I want just a few sticker stories for my kids at home…how can I get them?

I haven’t forgotten you…while the stories are often purchased by ministries, I have also put together a smaller assorted pack of stories, (in a pack of 6) for under $10. See my family devotion sticker story packs in store for details.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the text…what version is it from?

While the text of Anton’s Sticker Stories closely follows the Bible’s narrative, they are a paraphrase, written in rhyme, to make the story compact, fun and memorable.

I prepare all the content of my sticker stories from the ground up, using the original languages and translating the accounts into English. This process has the benefit of slowing me down, heightening my appreciation of the author’s intent, so I can be confident my sticker story paraphrase remains authentic to the original.

How long are the stories? How long will it take to complete?

Each story is built to suit a 4 page, A5 quality print, colour booklet. School age kids working on the school age version will take about 20-25 minutes to fully complete all the activities and colour in one of Anton’s sticker stories. Preschool age children will usually spend up to 10 minutes on their sticker story…and that’s quite an achievement!

How do the stickers work?

Oh, did I tell you how much kids love the stickers!?

In fact, this is the first activity they do. Each sticker story comes with a sheet of 8 full colour stickers that children must carefully position, (2 for each page) into the story.

What activities are included in each sticker story?

I didn’t want kids to be just colouring in a story, even though it may have great graphics and a unique, rhyming story to go with it. So, I developed an interpretive key or ‘code breaker’ that lies at the bottom of the centerfold of each story that kids use to decode missing letters in the text. Once they have successfully decoded the text, they story becomes clear. What this does is make the kids focus on the Bible’s message as they must work it out for themselves.

In addition I've added two activities per page on most of the stories above and beyond colouring in, the stickers and decoding the text. This means kids have to find hidden items, join the dots, solve puzzles and mazes to complete each page. Naturally, there are more activitiies and more difficult actitivities on the school age versions!

NB: pencils are not included and I recommend using quality pencils for best results on our high quality, matt paper.

How can I order?

Simply click on any of the links above or go to the store here and choose the sticker story packs that interest you. Stickers come in packs of 25 each.

What if I want to order a large number, is there a discount?

All orders over $49 are shipped free of charge within Australia. However, if you’re ordering over 8 packs, get in contact with me so I can work out a discount for you. Larger the order, the bigger the discount.

How long does it take to ship?

Please leave a street address so we can ship via courier directly to you. Generally, it only takes a few days to ship to you however, Australian states such as NT, TAS, SA and WA can be up to 5-7 days.

What if I’m not in Australia?                                                                                                                                             

Contact me directly and I’ll get you a quote for shipping and estimated delivery times. If time permits, we’ll arrange shipment after payment via direct bank deposit.


Kids love Anton’s Sticker Stories.

Get your order in today so you can start feeling the weight of Easter become a whole lot lighter and definitely fun!

Let’s grow godly kids!