Christmaskidchris-benson-489184-unsplashblogDo you want to keep Jesus front and centre this Christmas?

Would you like some cool gift ideas that will deepen your kids love for Jesus?

Are you keen to get your hands on some resources that will save your church a lot of hassle making it easier to reach the lost this Christmas?


Then let me show you four amazing ways that Anton can make your Christmas hassle free and completely brilliant…

Christmas Sticker Stories

Want to get kids ‘hands on’ with fresh take on the Christmas story without breaking the budget?

Anton’s Antics has four different mini-stories with stickers that take a fresh look on the Christmas narratives. Each page is packed with activities like code breakers, join the dots and mazes. There are also 2 versions of each story to cater to different age abilities, school ages (6-12 years old) and before school ages (3-5 years old). Kids absolutely love these and once completed they become a complete story they can keep and re-read at home. Best of all, kids love the stickers and must put them carefully into the story for it to be complete.

Sold in packs of 25 for churches and schools and look out for the mixed ‘Devotion packs’ of 6 for families.

  • Shepherd and the King
  • Who’s For You?
  • Star Struck (School age out of print)
  • The Visitor

Make your selection today from Anton’s store today!


Christmas Live Shows

Want your Christmas event to be outrageous fun but not skimp on the truth?

For many years now, Anton’s Antics has been performing live at Christmas carols, School Scripture Assemblies, Chapel services and Christmas Eve services. Anton’s live shows are full throttle, high energy, engaging shows that proclaim the good news about Jesus in memorable ways.

Contact me today to see if your date is available and let’s make your event a success.


Christmas Video Course

Can’t book Anton for this year’s event?

Looking for something you can use multiple times with different audiences?

Then make sure you get your hands-on Anton’s Christmas Video Course ‘Star Struck’. Based on the journey of the wise men to visit King Herod, this course is a complete teaching package. The course includes a feature video, music video, audio tracks, worksheets and extension activities that make a full lesson at your church or homeschool a breeze.

Check out the Star Struck Video Coures here


Gifts?!…Anton loves gifts!

New Video Devotion Series for Families and Church ministries

Would you like your kids to learn how to read the Bible and understand it for themselves, verse after verse?

Here’s the problem:

Most of the time kids learn the Bible through topics, maybe themes and sometimes they might take a broad sweep through a book like the gospels or Old Testament stories.

While this is great, they never really learn to understand the Bible on its terms, one verse at a time.

How will they learn to just read the Bible for themselves if we don’t teach them?

That’s why I’ve begun creating devotional video courses that go slowly, teaching kids a passage of the Bible verse by verse.

Right now, I’m finishing up the first series in James.

Guess how far I got?

Chapter 1v12!

That’s 5 videos…covering 12 verses!

Each video is about 10 minutes or longer.

I’ve called the series ‘Unpolluted’


Well that’s really the other great benefit to you and your family this Christmas. If you buy the course, you’ll be challenged to live pure lives for Christ as you work through the first 12 verses of James with me.

I'm not quite ready to release this new course, but don't worry it will be soon ready.

Plus I'll even make the first video a free test drive, so you can try it out before you buy.

If you like the video, why not buy the course for your kids or kid’s ministry this Christmas?

Among all the toys, clothes, food and jewelry, sports gear…why not include a super gift that will entertain your kids over the Christmas holidays but also stretch their faith. Learn how to read and understand the Bible, verse by verse with a brand-new release from the book of James called ‘Unpolluted’.

Buy your kids this wonderful and unique gift that will teach them how to understand and apply the Bible to their lives, verse after verse after verse after verse…

Plus, you’ll be off the hook, not having to worry or think about what you’re going to do to lead your kids in devotions during the Christmas break.

Keep your ears to the ground for when I release this brand new awesome course for kids devotions...or better still send me an email and let me know you want to be on the wait list so you don't miss out on the offer.


To your brilliant Christmas 2018!



image: Chris Benson on Unsplash