fp-church-checklist-350If you’ve been in any form of Christian service, whether it be leading a kid’s ministry or an adult bible study, a creche or a whole church, then you’ll probably have, like me, sighed, at one time or another, wishing you had more leaders.

It goes like this:

‘If only I had more helpers…’

‘We could easily take on more kids but without more leaders I don’t think we should advertise the kids club.’

‘We’re stretched so thin, all we do is run the ministry, we don’t have time for the people in the ministry’

Parents don’t switch off, because we’re not off the hook either. If we don’t raise up our kids to follow us in Christian service, prayer, reading God’s word and godliness, then we are failing to have the impact on our kid’s lives that God seeks from us.

 ‘If only I had some help around the house…I’m overwhelmed’

 ‘Why are the only ever looking out for themselves when they get their breakfast?’

 Big mistake parents make = not raising their kids to be leaders

It is part of our job description to raise up Christian leaders. They may not run churches one day, but they should grow up being teachable and have a self-sacrificing attitude of service to Christ’s church.

It all starts in the family...

It starts with training our kids to be servants of one another within the family. If we can’t love our brother or sister…how can we love any other, let alone Christ Himself? (1 John)

Ask yourself, ‘how am I actively developing my kids to be leaders for Christ’s church?’

Pray for the smallest of opportunities where you might encourage your kids to be self-sacrificing leaders in your home.

Now as you go about your job of parenting, raising leaders that will self-sacrificingly serve Christ Jesus, you’ll be preparing the way for their wider leadership in His Church.

We all have big hopes and dreams for our kids…what bigger hope can we have than our kids knowing and loving the Lord Jesus to bits?! It will show in their self sacrificing attitude and works of service.

Every pastor, if they’re a true servant of Christ, has big hopes for the local church they serve. They want to reach more and more people, break through barriers and see their churches grow. And yet oftentimes they feel stuck, which can be extremely agonizing.

As I said in the beginning of this post, you may know the feeling from your own experience leading in a church ministry…You work hard in all you do -- praying, preaching, leading, casting vision, and so on -- but the ministry or church sits flat or sometimes even slips backwards.

You give your all to the church, but you want to see an even greater return from the sacrifice you and others make every week.

Biggest mistake churches make = Not developing enough leaders

Sometimes churches prevent future growth because they don’t have the right things in place that position them for that growth.

Sure, enough it’s God who grows the church and we get to be partners with him in that work.


We must train up leaders if we are to grow the church and increase its impact.

Some friends of mine in the US, Dick and Jonathan Hardy (Father and Son team, note here!) have identified, three key ingredients that help ensure a church is set up for success...

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