God You Really There song release by SkitoDo you want your kids to stick with God and stop them being led astray by atheism?

Future-proof your kid’s hearts with this awesome new song release from Skito.

“God You Really There”

Watch the full music video and get a copy of the song ‘God You Really There’ to etch the truth in your kids minds.

Who is Skito?

Skito is one of the three aliases performed by Australia’s most engaging, Christian, one-man show for kids, Anton’s Antics.

God You Really There is an anthem for your home/ministry that will remind your kids how they can be sure God is there and protect them from unbelief.

Background to the song

“God You Really There is inspired by my reaction to the rising tide of sensationalist, atheistic preachers, like Richard Dawkins and the trickle-down effect of their words on society. I wanted to try and catch the moment in sound-bytes, allowing kids to hear that it’s OK to have conflicting thoughts. I just don’t feel comfortable not talking about stuff that’s in our media. Our kids need us to acknowledge the voices of dissent, the doubt they raise and provide safe spaces to talk more about these issues that threaten faith.

The song is also an anthem, with a fantastic chorus to remind kids why belief in God is fixed in empirical evidence, not wishful thinking of weak minded, irrational folk. I really pray a lot of kids and families, fall in love with this song and it becomes a little anthem in their homes” Stephen Shearsby (creator and performer of Anton’s Antics)

Watch the music video and get your copy of God You Really There…Out now in all online stores.

If you’ve just tuned in, for the past few weeks I’ve been covering a series on God’s existence and atheism in an attempt to equip parents and leaders in how to lead conversations with kids about reasons for why God exists. It’s my conviction that unless we prepare kids for how to defend their faith they’ll have little chance at sticking with God for the rest of their lives. Kids need more than knowing the truth, they need good reasons to defend it.

Conversations to Protect Kids From Atheism (read more...)

Last post we covered how ‘Experience’ gives us evidence for God’s existence and now I want to turn to ‘Scripture’. If you missed my freebie download ‘5 Conversations You Must Have To Protect Kids From Atheism’, then go grab it now. In that free guide, in Conversation 4, I argued that Scripture is ‘The sign we’ve all be looking for’. In other words, more than Cause, Design, Morality or even Experience, Scripture is the place to find the most compelling evidence for God’s existence.

Scripture is the place to find the most compelling evidence for God’s existence.


Scripture points us to the eyewitness accounts for Jesus’ testimony to his divinity. In other words, Jesus proves God is there by his miracles and in particular resurrection. The disciples didn’t dream it up, they used empirical evidence to convince themselves and others Jesus had really died and been risen to eternal life.

Now rather than rabbit on, I’m going to share with you two amazing resources that I’ve built to equip you from the Scriptures in giving kids grounds for God’s existence from the scriptures.

(new music) Future-proof kids against atheism

Today is the first installment, an anthem for your home that will have your kids singing along in no time that:

“God You Really There

Came Close to Show You Care

One of Us Like You and Me

God You Really There”

That’s the chorus line to a new music release by Skito, out now in all stores but you can catch the full music video right here.

Watch the music video with your kids and be sure to grab your copy of the song for your home, ipods and phones right here

Pretty soon I’ll be telling you about the 2nd installment, a brand new video course for kids called “Is God Really There?”

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