Our kids will be faced with ridicule for their belief that Jesus is God’s Son.

The rhetoric runs like this…those who believe Jesus has come from God to save the world do not have good reasons for their belief. Instead it is ‘simple belief’, unfounded by solid evidence and in the end amounts to no more than personal intuition.

How do we help the kids in our churches or our own family understand and be able to explain the reasons why they should believe Jesus is the truth?

Natasha Crain helpfully reminds us that we should not require MORE evidence for Jesus than what we normally require to make ordinary judgements in every day life. Otherwise we are being unreasonable, demanding a level of proof that is inconsistent with how we behave. (‘Keeping Your Kid’s On God’s Side, 2016)

Will your kids have sufficient evidence to know why Jesus is the truth so they can give good grounds for what they believe?

Or, are your kids just going to stick their heads in the sand and be fairly criticized for having ‘simple belief’?

Surely, we need to be attempting the following three things:

  1. Encourage them to require and seek evidence for Jesus being the truth.
  2. Help them see where they can get such evidence for Jesus being the truth.
  3. Package such evidence so that its something they can explain in their own words to their peers.

Now you might be struggling or wondering how you’re going to do no.2 or 3, right?

I’m here to help!

Right now, I’ve put online a video course from Anton’s Antics called ‘What’s Truth?’ The video course is designed to help you and your kids dive into the question of truth and follows the story of Jesus on trial before Pontius Pilate.


The course is built with two audiences in mind:

  1. Families – kids can watch the videos at home and review the video using bonus worksheets. Plus mums and dads can get a greater understanding of the Bible’s account from the Bonus parent training video.
  2. Kids ministries can use the videos in a group setting and extend the content through bonus group discussions and activities written into the course.

With Anton’s What’s Truth? Video course your kids will be encouraged to dive into God’s word and explore the subject of truth through engaging video, song and enrichment activities. You can check out all course content and bonuses on the landing page, right here.

As you and your kids will be reminded through the video course, our evidence for Jesus being the truth MUST include the New Testament. If Jesus is the truth, then only he can really prove it.

Of course, there will be points outside the New Testament that are historical connections with Jesus’ person or activities. We can and should identify some of these to show that Jesus was a real person and that he has shaped history in significant ways.

Thirdly, there will also be able to point our kids to the experience of being Christian that will corroborate the truth of what the Scriptures say. Our kids can be encouraged to see answers to prayer, the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives and the lives of others and we can also help them to see how good God’s word is, faithful, reliable and profitable for life.

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