whatstruthblogBuild your child’s confidence in Jesus as THE truth with Skito’s thought provoking and powerful new single.

Anton’s Antics has been performing Easter shows for many years, one of them, a favourite, is called ‘What’s Truth?’ The show follows the story of Jesus’ trial before Pilate where he is asked ‘What’s Truth?’

I’ve taken one key part of the What’s Truth Live show and turned it into a video course for kids. Part of the video course will include a music video by rapper, Skito (one of the three characters in Anton’s Antics). You can get the music video FREE for a limited time right here, before I take it down.

However, your kids will still want to get the song, ‘What’s Truth?’ for their iPods and phones. So be sure to watch the music video and click through to purchase the song from iTunes today!

The What’s Truth Video Course for kids will soon be released and available for purchase and I’ll be in touch as soon as we’re open!

Remember, our goal must be more than that our kids believe in the truth; we want them to be able to give good reasons why they believe Jesus is the truth for all.

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PS: be sure to go grab the What’s Truth music video for your kids today before it’s taken down!