In Australia we are just waking up from the comatose state of summer holidays.

As the summer holidays come to an end we grudgingly drag ourselves out of the post-holiday blues and try desperately to resurrect our weekly habits, church structures and ministries that will carry us through until late December.

Easter is not something we really want to think about, right now.

So, every year we blow it.

Every year we let it pass through to the keeper, squandering ‘outreach gold’.

Easter is a better moment than Christmas, more reflective. Less going on. A time where people who don’t normally come to church, quite possibly will.

So, I was very excited to see some friends of mine in the States cracking on with the task of assisting churches make the most of Easter for outreach.

I wanted to share FREE access with you to a series of videos that will get your church into shape for Easter outreach and beyond.

 It’s called “Rethinking Easter”

Here is some of the feedback they’ve been getting from pastors going through the Rethinking Easter course.

  • "The Rethinking Easter Module is AWESOME! Tons or great tools for our staff. I’m going to be sharing it with them first time next week. Thanks for all you do!"
  • "I have been taking notes to take to my Sr. Pastor and the rest of the Staff Team. Praying that this Easter will be the biggest and best for us as we fulfill our Mission and 2020 Vision. We’re also praying that we’ll be able to launch a 3rd Sunday am service from Easter."
  • "I really appreciate you doing this. I love the approach of looking for an ongoing relationship and not just a big event."
  • "I watched the 1st video this morning. I thought it was great. I’m thinking in ways I previously haven’t."
  • "Watched the 1st two. Awesome!"
  • "I really appreciate all you do for the local church. We've seen so many changes since we heard about CMU."
  • "Been through the whole module, using a ton of the ideas provided, love it man thank you!"
  • "First of all, I would like to say, "THANK YOU" for all the bright shiny ideas!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the interactions."

There's still time for you to get free access.

Note: I get absolutely no financial benefit from sharing this with you, I just know it’s going to be useful.

But you’ll have to hurry as I don’t think the course will be Free for much longer.

Here’s the link: Get FREE access to Rethinking Easter now!

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