Pretty soon Anton’s got a special announcement to make with some cool videos that are going to make a huge difference to your family and ministry this Christmas! So, make sure you open the next few emails.

Last time we looked at the challenges we face to make Christmas services engaging for kids, especially when there’s not going to be any kid’s program.

Parents might also wonder, what, if anything, should they be doing to teach the Christmas accounts in the home. Surely Christmas is too crazy, and the church can look after it, right? Can’t we just down tools for this busy season?

But here’s your next problem…what do you do over the holiday weeks that follow when everyone’s taking a break and there’s no helpers to run a kid’s program?

Plus, if parents don’t go to church…shock horror, yes it does happen, what can they be doing in the home to encourage their kids to reflect on the Christmas accounts in the Bible?

Here’s the easy solution:

Anton’s Sticker Stories make a complete lesson that eliminate the need for a team of helpers.

Anton’s Sticker Stories are a no brainer for parents who want some family time but still want their kids to reflect deeply on the importance of the Christmas accounts.

Imagine if you could have clear Bible teaching, fun activities and stickers packed into one inexpensive resource that each child could complete relatively unsupervised?

You’ll save time.

You’ll save hassle, your dilemma will be sorted.

Did you also know that parents can buy family packs, idea for a special Christmas devotion?

You’ll be parenting proactively too and won’t have the guilt of not going to church!

Anton’s School age sticker stories will keep kids engaged in the Bible’s Christmas account for at least 20 minutes, all you must do is provide quality pencils.

Anton’s Before School age sticker stories will delight under 5-year old with large colourful stickers, simple activities and large spaces to colour in.

Or you could not bother, and this will happen:

-you won’t have anything for kids during a time when visitors often drop in

-the kids will get bored and leave church wishing they hadn’t come

-you’ll run around in a spin every week in the holidays wondering what the heck to do and feeling miserable when what you offer ends up being lame.

-you’ll still skip church and fill it with good things but miss the best by not being organized and resourced with the resources that your kids will thank you for!

-your kids might hear you as a parent read a passage from the Bible from the Christmas narratives when they could be engrossed in an activity based story with stickers that really meets them at their level and allows you time to add value, rather than being the main act.

It doesn’t have to be this way, all it takes is a click of a few buttons and Anton will deliver his awesome sticker stories ready for Christmas and the difficult little weeks that follow right to your door!

 ORDER all the sticker stories in Anton’s Christmas series here:

(NB: International orders - contact me for freight as the freight on site applies to Australia only orders)

The Shepherd and the King

Star Struck (school age version now out of stock)

The Visitor

Who’s For You?

Merry Christmas!