Some years ago, while working as Director of Kidzlink, a support organisation for kids clubs and playgroups, I noticed that some of the playgroups we supported were using a simple resource by Kidzlink comprising an A5 page with some text on it from one of the Christmas narratives. We were supplying the page with some colour stickers that kids could randomly stick into the story. Shortly after a friend popped into our shop in St Andrews Square and shared a Christmas problem.

What was the problem?

One every church faces every Christmas:

How to keep the whole family in the same Christmas service without losing the interest of the kids.

We know how amped kids are about Christmas so the last thing we want to do is bore them.

We don’t want to ask our leaders or parents to run a Sunday school or kids church on Christmas day, so we have a conflict of interests.

So what is the solution?

My friend who visited me had tried solving the problem herself by using black and white photocopies of varying quality and questionable benefit to the kids. You know the ones I mean. They’re often free from the internet and a little embarrassing. It required lots of work to put together into a pack that looked like the church ‘cared’ and nothing really ‘nailed it’.

So, I brought the two ideas together, our story page with its stickers and her black and white activity pages and gave it a fresh re-invention. The outcome was a complete story from one of the gospels, written in clever rhyme, full integrated and surrounded by lots of fun activities and best of all, full colour stickers that must be located properly in the story, to complete each page. The benefit: Kids learn and deepen their appreciation of the Christmas narratives from the gospels in ways that are fun, relevant and purposeful.

Anton’s Sticker Stories Were Born!

This means that every church can now ‘nail it’ regardless of size, number of leaders or how much expertise you have with kids. Every child, in every family sitting next to mum and dad can take a fresh look at the Christmas story, engaged by activities on each page and fun stickers to locate into the story.

Are you going to nail it or lower your eyes as you pass out something lame to the kids?

Or worse, ignore they’re even there on Christmas day by doing nothing?

No way! I know you want to do better than that, so let Anton help you!

Get your hands on these amazing resources by going to Anton’s Store today and ordering your packs.

We have four different story lines and versions to suit Before School (ages 3-6) and School Age kids.

PS: I also have a short run of our first ever versions of 'The shepherd and the King' so if you want a quick solution to drop into letterboxes or give away at your carols, these are still great...but you'll need to be quick as its very limited remainder stock. These aren't online, just stashed ready to help someone out when the opportunity comes. But I can only supply what I've got. Email me with an offer.

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The Shepherd and the King

Star Struck

The Visitor

Who’s For You?


Merry Christmas!