Last week there was a kerfuffle over religious instruction in Queensland government schools whereby a policy directive was sent to Principals advising them that they had a responsibility to keep kids safe and that evangelism posed a risk to their safety.

I doubt kids in primary schools know what evangelism means but the government body for education in Queensland cited examples of evangelism including the giving of Christmas cards, inviting friends to church events, decorating Christmas trees and giving a speech about Christmas or speaking to a friend in the playground.

Now I’ve shot another video for you, this one’s a little bit more of a rant, so buckle up.

Watch it now:

Why Jesus must stay in our schools

The situation arose some time ago from a review of God space scripture curriculum that appeared to encourage kids to take some form of practical action in school to show their faith and love for Jesus.

School scripture has been a feature of government school in several states for a long, long time and while some wish it gone, even some atheists didn’t want to deny that religious instruction has its place, at least in educating our kids on where our societies have come from (Opinion SMH, 29/7/17).

Pretty soon after, MP’s started slamming the political correctness of the department of education’s directive and since then there’s been a clear back down and ‘no change’ to Scripture announced.

For now.

This axe won’t go away.

We need to ask why the knives are out on Jesus in our society?

Would the Department make a similar directive to an Islamic or Buddhist Scripture class?

We need to keep encouraging our MP’s to defend and protect our rights to free speech and for the value scripture in schools holds for the education of our kids.

Do we really want to go down the path of a dictatorship that permits, like Big Brother, what we can and can’t talk about in public?

Shouldn’t our kids be taught tolerance and acceptance and the ability to understand and listen to other views?

In the video I’ve shot above, you’ll hear of 2 examples whereby Christian teaching was given an appropriate space to be heard in a secular, government primary school. You’ll also hear why it’s important for us to preserve the freedom of the individual to hold and share their beliefs. Of course, we need to encourage our kids, as the Bible does, to love and respect, giving an answer when required for the faith we believe. But nobody has the right to say, you cannot give that answer or share that view when opportunity comes your way. Christians have a higher lord than the state on that one.

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