With all our churches being in lockdown for the past month did you know that Anton has been busy performing live to kids and families on Facebook?

Anton's here to keep your kids looking up, when everything is looking down...and locking down!
Plus, you can now catch up on all the shows on Anton's Youtube channel.

Anton’s live shows are pretty full on, bringing the Bible to life for kids through a variety of art forms including three memorable characters over about 30 minute duration! That's right...Free, 30 minutes of live entertainment that clearly teaches the Bible in memorable ways for kids and famlies. Wow!

Let's recap what Anton's been teaching over the past 7 weeks!...

We began the first week of lockdown with two shows called ‘Freedom From Fear’ covering Mark chapter 4 and 5.

With Easter approaching we switched over to John’s gospel and followed the apostle Peter as he fumbles his way through Jesus' last days and what they meant for us all.

For the time being you can still catch up on these amazing shows through Anton’s Youtube channel.
Here’s a summary of the four big lessons from our Easter 2020, Covid 19 Series, called ‘Fame’:

    Fame #1: Pre-Wash (Why did it mean for Jesus to wash the disciples feet? (John 13))

    Fame #2: Deep Clean (Why did Jesus let himself be killed? (John 18))
    Fame #3: Deep Clean (Why did Jesus rise? (John 20))
    Fame #4: Good As New (What is the most important question in life? (John 21))

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Last Sunday we held a watch party and shared a previously unreleased video from Anton’s vault from the book of Haggai. Anton was there to answer questions and introduce the show.

In the coming week we’ll be returning (God willing) to our initial series, ‘Freedom From Fear’ and covering two more episodes from Mark chapter 5 over the next two Sundays. Both these shows are going to be full of colour, entertainment and solid Bible teaching, pitched at a level kids can understand and apply.

Don’t miss out, tell your friends, so they can join us on Anton's Facebook page and gain confidence in this uncertain time as we focus on Jesus’ majesty over disease and death.