bully-katblog"You no good, your song’s no good and you in it for the money! So &*%$"

People will say anything to bring you down.

Like fishermen they just keep trying different tackle, different bait to see what ‘gets your goat’ the most. It doesn’t have to be true; it can be plain defamatory because all they want is to see some impact, discourage you and block your path.

In promoting the fee speech protest song by Skito, ‘Out on My Erse’ through Facebook ads, I try to leave as many negative comments visible as I can. I think I’ve only deleted one post that was really nasty and didn’t think it deserved any air. I like to leave them there because the words are a testimony against the owners. While they claim to be the opponents to so called 'gay hate speech' the content and tone of their posts often set the bar for truly viscious hateful language. Sometimes their words are rants, shouted from the comfort of someone’s phone or device. On some posts or ad id's I choose to hide a few comments because its my page/ad afterall and I want to focus people’s minds on the song and the issues rather than distracting people with the sewerage of the trolls’ vitriol.

Nehemiah and the 2nd temple wall builders faced up to bullies

Remember the people in Nehemiah’s day?

Exiles returned from Babylon with the formidable but hopeful task of rebuilding the temple and surrounding walls. But the neighbours were not impressed and hurled abuse at them, stymieing their efforts. A protest petition was even sent to the king of Persia attempting to incite his ire by claiming the Jews were setting up a rebellion, when they weren’t.

See what I mean?

Pricked by the uncomfortable truth of God’s word people will say anything to drag Christ and his followers down.

Bullies say anything to intimidate and this is especially true for those who choose to stand up for Christ and his values. Bullies will say anything to get a rise from you and make you feel…bad.

“Get down off that cross if you the king”

“Not so powerful, now are you?”

All the while you have got your ass out there and doing the right thing, the loving thing.

Ok, we are not the messiah but our  intention and motivation are far from hate, the opposite of selfishness.

But they will slander you with false accusations of profiteering or 'gay hate' accusations

We could cry with Nehemiah, ‘do not show your mercy to these folks who hate your name’

But instead, we have a new commandment that is older than the universe: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’

And so, we must try to pray:

‘Father forgive them for they don’t know what they do!’

Now is still the moment of God's mercy, now is the time of His (and ours!) incredbile patience.

In Australia at the moment we have an intense battle on our hands over religious freedom and freedom of speech. A professional footballer, Israel Folau, has been sacked for quoting 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 on his Instagram account.

People shout ‘gay hater’, bigot and homophobe at Israel, his wife, friends and anyone, including myself who choose to support them.

Like a ‘looney toon’ the guns are only getting bigger on each side, with the so called ‘war chest’ to fight for religious freedom being paused by the Australian Christian Lobby after reaching over 2 million in just a few days to fight Israel’s legal battle. On the left we have Rugby Australia promising to spend significant money on fighting to win their stance against Israel. In another corner we have petitions being signed to support free speech and Israel Folau, while in the other we have gay activists setting up an alternate fund and petition. The Bullies are now attacking Folau’s wife for supporting him; like it’s wrong for woman to support her husband! They even called her sponsors to pull out on her too, because she backed him. A GoFundMe support page for Israel was torn down by the company after intense lobbying by the anti-folauers, stating that they won’t support ‘non-inclusive’ causes.

The hypocrisy is lost on them it seems as they burst their chests with pride over being ‘more inclusive’ and ‘tolerant’ while ironically shutting down alternative viewpoints.

In an Orwellian twist we might just hear them cheer:

‘all viewpoints are to be respected, only some are to be more respected than others’

What’s going on?

Don’t you remember what the Lord said, ‘when they revile you and deride you, remember that they hated me first’.


‘Treasure not their trinkets, treasure not their titles

Treasure not their trophies, keep yourself from idols

Your faith is priceless, here's a guarantee

Remember that they first hated me'

(Out on My Erse - Skito)


Where will it end?

You already know how it ends.

Jesus on a cross.

Riding on his ass, into Jerusalem,

the king arrives to be crowned killed...

If you and I follow him...OK we may get off more lightly in Australia, unlike some Christians in parts of the world today.

It might not end that badly if you stand up now and get ‘out on your ass’ like Nehemiah did.

They wrote to the king and the king checked it out and did find that the Jews had every right to be there doing what they were doing. The wall got built and the temple was finished with the king’s support. The opponents to the wall being built were shut down.

You too can peacefully protest. Joining the conversation, removing people's ignorance around Christianity, showing the hypocrisy and double standards.

You too can sign the petitions in support of Folau.

You too can respond peacefully with a blessing not a curse as our Lord did.

You too can pray.

You too can share Skito's song with as many people as you can.

OUT ON MY ERSE a satirical rap song written by Skito to support Israel Folau and protest the damage being done to free speech in Australia is Out Now

Support free speech and freedom of religion in Australia and beyond, by sharing ‘Out on My Erse’ today.



Photo by kat J on Unsplash