allanimalsequal‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ is the mantra or slogan of the animal farm as they throw off their human oppressors. But as Orwell’s parody unfolds, it is the pigs who soon elevate themselves to elitist power and oppress their fellow animals for their own gain.

Online this week I was trolled, I was abused, I was hated, sworn at, ridiculed, put down and mocked for supporting a footballer who was sacked for quoting a Bible verse.

Some of it, I laugh at myself. Some people see a guy dressed up as a rapper in a low fi-video, as prime target for ridicule and I get that. But many, ironically miss the point. Skito, the rapper is a satirical character, a send up of all ‘performer personas’, especially in the music business. But, whatever…I see how they take aim at me for not being ‘real’. ‘Your so lame and your song is lame’…they say, without even hearing the song’s full recorded version.

But what they really hate, is not the parody or low production values of my ‘making of’ videos (some even acknowledge the connection of Skito to other parodies, like Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys or Lunatics) but the fact someone would dare enter their space, using a platform like Facebook, to offer an alternative view.

How the emancipated celebrate their victory by becoming the new oppressor

Isn’t it sad that in society we have degraded to yelling, claiming to be ‘tolerant’ and urging others to be so, but then exhibiting the exact opposite when an alternative view is presented?

And that’s what the sheep do on Orwell’s Animal Farm; they are trained, due to their simple minds, to not bother with getting their heads into the detail, and instead just shout down the opposition by repeating the propaganda of the pigs ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’. Any voice of reason, of free speech, of a willingness to seek understanding or common ground is hurled to the ground by a torrent of seemingly powerful ‘slogan’. But it’s really just convenient, lazy, propaganda.

So, what was the slogan or mantra of my haters?

‘Bigot. Gay hate speech’

Well, Skito’s song, ‘Out On My Erse’ has nothing to do with putting gay people down or shouting my opinions down anyone’s throat. It’s a satirical poke at the hypocrisy of the sponsors, clubs and players who keep people on the football field despite their terrible off field behavior but dismiss and sack a player for quoting a Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. I mean, how on earth do we degenerate into a society where beating a pregnant wife less serious than quoting a verse from the Bible?

If the song is in the clear, then my crime it seems, is supporting this guy, Israel Folau for his so called ‘hate speech’.

If you check his Instagram feed, there's no shortage of criticism and accusation of him being a 'gay hater', the reason, he quoted THAT verse on Instagram and twitter. Yep, 'say that Bible verse and your out on your erse!'.

Even if it were to come to light that Israel Folau did quote the verse to stir up hatred for gay people (hardly likely), “Out On My Erse” remains a protest against those who abuse their power to shut down free speech.

The attackers unwittingly villify while accusing their target, Israel Folau for villifcation of LGBTIQ people.

But what I found disturbing was how readily people condemned this man, given none of them know his motivation or intention. Surely it is defamatory to call someone a ‘gay hater’ just because they quote a verse of Scripture? Sure, the text offends, calls into question a whole range of moral behavior. But it is a verse that is in the Bible, has been for at least 2000 years and Christians are not about to remove it, nor should we censor it.

So regardless of his motivations, we are here now and as Skito’s song goes, we are being told we can’t say ‘that Bible verse or we’re out on our erse’.

In our 'tolerant', 'free', democratic and increasingly secular societies, all viewpoints are to be equally respected, but some are more equally to be respected than others.

If we do say that Bible verse, we are ‘bigot, gay hater’.

So what do we say in return?

‘Four legs good, two legs bad’.

You may think I'm being silly, but I'm not. Sometimes we need to 'mock the devil' before he flees. We need to call out people's overplayed rhetoric that is dumming down and shutting down free, intelligent, respectful discourse.

Maybe we don't even need to defend ourselves at this point.

Maybe all we have to do is reply 'four legs good, two legs bad' and leave it at that.

Maybe it's time to hold a mirror to society and point out the hypocrisy.

The fact that 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 is SO uncomfortable is not a reason to shut it down, ultimately Christians will have to push back, for not all can deny their Lord, as Israel Folau is so clearly giving witness.

The question for you is…when is your time? How much ground will you surrender before you are uncomfortable enough to resist and act?

Join with me resisting this erosion of freedom by listening and sharing Skito’s song:

Out On My Erse today

Out On My Erse is Out Now...warning, it has been labelled 'EXPLICIT' most likely due to the real, off field behaviour described by Skito in the opening verse.

Look, it's time to make a noise, whatever way you can, but whether you like my song or not, make sure you get out on your ass too!