Israel Folau single cover art 1...freedom of speech, domestic abuse are just some of the subjects takin’ down in Skito’s new song.

As you may now, Skito is an alias I created in 2010, with the original intent of bringing an uplifting and at times confronting musical component to my children’s show, Anton’s Antics. While Skito’s early songwriting leaned gently toward a family audience, it wasn’t long before more mature works emerged. While working toward an album, Skito felt the issues surrounding banned footballer, Israel Folau, including free speech, tolerance and domestic abuse, affect everyone and could not be ignored.


Watch the SNEAK PEEK of Skito's song as we listen back in studio to one of the recordings.

Be warned: this song takes aim at the hypocrisy of banning a guy for quoting the Bible while letting players who beat their partners back on the field


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PPS:What's the cover art going to be?


I give you the image that is one ninth of the full cover art...what do you think it will be?