mouldyfruit- ydney-rae-151444blogI was reading a reflection by a missionary on their time in the DR Congo, rape capital of the world.

The frailty of life, the shortness of life, the exposure to risk seems all too clear in Congo.

Security, being in control…you know that’s a fable in DR congo.

But then in Australia it’s different right, we’ve got good hospitals, good doctors, a democratic government that is stable and the rule of law is not absent.

Makes you feel like your standing on solid ground

Then the missionaries talked about having to return home to help out their daughter because her baby was fighting cancer.

How to combat that menacing insecurity in your family


I was in Bible study the other day with some guys early morning and we were going through the Lord’s prayer in Luke. We were teasing out how the prayer might be connected to the passage after it as it speaks of fear, worry and insecurity.

‘give us our daily bread’…

Only it’s not ‘daily bread’ is it?

It’s TOMORROW’S bread.

You know like in the wilderness when they wandered for 40 years and had to rely on God to supply manna every morning. If they collected too much, it would go mouldy.

Are you holding onto mould?

When the Israelites collected too much…it went mouldy…to teach them to rely not on their efforts or the manna, but on God alone.

So, are you pursuing a false sense of security, mould?

It’s an idol.


First because it is not real. Wherever we are, we are not in control and the wind could change direction.

Second because it replaces our trust in God alone.

So, then I’m reading the gospel of Luke through the “message” translation. I love how the reaction to Jesus’ miracles really are brought to life. Check this out…

"The people rubbed their eyes, incredulous-and then also gave glory to God. Awestruck, they said, 'We've never seen anything like that!'" Luke 5:26 (The Message)

Jesus the messiah, powerfully restores the world.

But only momentarily. People he restored still died later, at some point.

The bigger game fish is death and sin itself.

He’ll deal with that on the cross.

But those miracles…wow…it’s a new day…and think…that’s a glimpse of the sure ground ahead…the sure ground we know by faith now as we trust in Jesus.

Pause with me for a moment and reflect…

This Easter…don’t you love and yearn for the fullness of the messiah to be revealed, to transform this insecure, out of control existence into playful certainty?

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Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash