unpollutedpicFBthumbAre your older kids bored by the Bible?

Is their faith hitting a plateau or worse, heading for a nose dive?

What about the older kids you lead at kids church or school?

Let’s face it, when they’re younger, kids’ picture Bibles and lessons about key characters are fine. But once they hit about 10 years of age…many kids start disengaging and as parents or leaders we wonder when the Bible might again make an impact on how they live. Or worse, we worry that they’re moving away from the Lord as they hit their teens.

What we need to do is move our kids from just recalling the same old disconnected set of Bible stories and teach them, slowly, how to understand the relationship between verses so that God’s word can impact their daily walk with Him.

My wife and I wanted our kids to continue growing in Christ, loving His word and learning how to interpret it for themselves. But nothing out there existed that did this in a way that was fun and age appropriate...

For the past 10 years I’ve performed live shows teaching the Bible to kids in Australia called Anton’s Antics. Recently, with my own kids I’ve been experimenting with a unique video devotion format that teaches older kids, verse by verse from the Scriptures. That’s right, verse after verse…it’s pretty cool!

Rather than trying to solve big questions, big topics like I had been doing with my shows, I decided to zero in on the 'daily walk' and routine of reading the Scriptures one verse at a time. I began experimenting, doodling on an iPad, explaining small chunks of Scripture together with my crazy friend, Anton. So far, we've covered 12 verses of the letter of James using 5 videos! My kids got heaps out of it, but I'd love to know how your kids respond. 

Here’s your chance to put an end to all those times you sighed thinking about trying to read the Bible with your older kids but felt out of your depth.

Now’s the time to step up and dispel that nagging voice in the back of your mind that says ‘you’re not connecting with the older kids at church’.

The first video is FREE to try out with no obligation to pay for the series!

What’s the catch?

All I ask is that you help me improve the videos by completing a short online quiz that’ll take you about a minute or so.

Just watch the video now with your kids and then answer a few short questions so I can make more of these videos even more helpful for you.

If it's for your church ministry or school, then grab the FREE video and try it out in class or next Sunday!

Take the frustration and guess work out of trying to put ‘meat on the bone’ of your 9-12 year old’s faith with my new video devotion series from the book of James.

Try my first, FREE verse by verse video devotion from the book of James today and when you sign up, you’ll also get a free activity page you can download to reinforce the lesson with your kids.

Go on, what have you got to lose?

Your about to wake up to a brand-new day in teaching your kids from the Bible, one verse at a time…

PS: It will also make a neat Christmas gift!

PPS: I know some of you might have seen this Free video offer before...but we've taken on some feedback already and made some significant changes that I know you're going to love...so check it out now while you can for FREE.

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