bansingleusePMHow’s your country's leader turning out for you?

I hear riots in Colombia.

War still raging in Syria

Trump tweeting defense from fake news again

But did you know Australia is on to its 5 or 6th prime minister in 11 years?

Fact is we’ve never been very good at recycling. We go through prime minister’s like single use plastic bags at the grocery checkout

Recently our 2 big supermarket chains have banned the single use bags because community and media pressure (Much thanks to the ABC’s program ‘War on Waste’, if you haven’t seen it, check it out on our national broadcaster’s iView, ABC). Single use bags might be very convenient but they all end up in land fill and take yonks to break down, fill our water ways and kill our marine life.

Right now, though our country is in crisis as our politicians are killing our country.

Ban the single use Prime minister

You’d think people in public office might concern themselves with actually serving the interests of their people, not their own petty wounded pride and playground in-fights. But if it’s good for Mugabe, it’s good for democracy it seems.

So much anger and disappointment in the Australian public has morphed into comedy with the design and sale of a new shopping bag, to replace single use plastic bags, that is emblazoned with the words:

“Ban the single-use prime minister”

 And it’s selling like crazy!

The bags have resonated big time. 

We’re over it.

We’re sick of infighting and self-interest.

Where sick of voting people in only to have their party mutiny, like they did Bligh on Norfolk Island 200 years ago.

Where are the true public servants…you know the ones who serve the public interest, not just their own?

There is hope…

If you said the next prime minister of Australia would be a practicing Christian, go to church with his family in the Sutherland shire, I’d have laughed…unless of course you’d been watching the man rise diligently through the ranks while his own party disintegrated into a long bout of infighting.


I should have been encouraging my kids to pray for our nation’s leaders…but this is a real wake up call


Scott Morrison is the new prime minister of Australia after an infight dislodged incumbent, Malcolm Turnbull.

If you’re an anti-Christian person, a secular person, you may be feeling pretty disappointed.

Isn’t this guy going to work for the preferences of believers and decelerate the progressive changes that have brought recent ‘equality’ recognition amongst LGBTQI people, open the doors to legalizing euthanasia in Australia etc.?

Well it didn’t take long for the honeymoon to be over and the ink to dry on Scott Morrison being sworn in as the new Prime Minister before left wing, anti-Christian corners of the media and arts scene started to put the boot in and take personal swipes at him...for being...Christian...oooh.

It’s amazing how different papers are written for very different demographics.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald, written for the cultural elite said little about the bollocking Scott was getting on the national broadcaster.

However, the headline on today’s Telegraph, written for the outer suburbs working-middle class reads:

‘The ABC of Bad Faith’

It seems the national broadcaster, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), funded by our taxes is quite happy to let its comedians flaunt their personal attacks on the Prime Minister’s beliefs on national TV.

But they are such WIMPS.

These apparently heroic comedians won’t ridicule a Jewish person’s faith or a Muslim’s politician’s faith…but Christ…they’re happy to throw dung at Him. Lazy. Throwing mud at soft targets that won’t bite back, playground bullies.

But I can laugh at us, silly Christians, can you?

These comedians and their bubble of Facebook fans are just having their spray, blind to irony that, some of them at least come from a once bullied minority and have now become the bully. If I was them, I’d probably do the same and feel that I was so progressive, so clever. And you can see the humour, if you see it from their point of view. They may be angry, they may misunderstand Christians, they may not try to be fair or open their minds to be less ignorant…but it’s funny for them. It works. It resonates with their secular, rant at the world. If we are prepared to listen and not get all worked up (as I did in the last paragraph!), we can hear them, understand and maybe empathise.

Scott Morrison has been public about his faith. Isn’t it fair to ask questions about the connection of that faith to policy decisions?

I would think so…but then fair game guys. The same should be just as pointedly made but perhaps without the personal attack guys, on gay, Jewish, Muslim, atheist politicians and how their personal views are affecting policy.

No? You don’t think that’s fair? Why should a person's personal life come into politics?

C’mon, if you’re a gay politician, are you really telling me that your lifestyle choice does not come into the policies you support or don’t support. Get real.

What you’re really saying is ‘go away Christian!'

We are soooo progressive, let's have three cheers for free speech and tolerance.

Well, I do apologise, as there really is no point shouting at each other.

Christ didn’t, he turned the other cheek and said, ‘Father forgive them for they don’t understand what they are doing’.

Plus, Christians are to expect this dung being flung our way, aren’t we?

They crucified Christ. They’ll crucify his followers.

Don’t you see, we need to pray for Scott and his family?

Would your family pray for your country’s leader?

We are commanded to:

1 Timothy 2:1 “I urge the first of all that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people- for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness…”

Scott Morrison doesn’t have long, he may lose government in the next election which is apparently about 6 months away. He has an opportunity to steady the liberal government and reunite the party so that we can all experience the benefits of stable leadership.

For some time now, the Australian public has been ripped off, with leader after leader spending their days fending off in fighting and pandering to small, vocal minorities.

The thing is, Christians are commanded to ‘work for the good of all’ and ‘especially for the body of believers’.

What does this mean for someone in government, like our newly ordained prime minister who is a practicing Christian?

We have a practicing Christian prime minister leading a secular state, not a Christian state.

Scott has been very public about his faith from the moment he entered parliament. It’s not been a secret, ever. Some have already criticized his policy on illegal immigrants and refugees arriving by boat when he was Immigration Minister. How does the ‘stop the boats’ policy square with being a Christian, some ask and some mock. Fair question, perhaps.

He has a very tricky job ahead of him.

We need to pray he has wisdom, as he faces many trials, temptations…in the words of James

“If anyone lacks wisdom he must ask God who gives generously to all without making you feel like an idiot and it will be given to you” (Jas 1:5)

I encourage you to get down and pray with your kids for our leaders.

Will you and your kids commit to praying for our leaders a little more faithfully perhaps?

For the good of our country's peace, stability, our freedom and rights to be respected, not just of the church or Christians but for all.

Perhaps you’d like to send Scott a word of encouragement, here’s the contact page: