kids 5 fingersblogImagine how you would feel if your child stopped believing in God.

I'm sure if you are a Christian parent or someone teaching kids at your church or school you'd be devastated to hear one of your kids tell you they don't really believe there is a God anymore.

The western world seems determined to cast off its Christian heritage and adopt a world view that doesn't have a place for God. Our kids will need good reasons for standing their ground.

Do you want to help your kids stick with God for the rest of their lives?

I've got a FREE Guide that I put together for you that will give you a short cut on what you need to know and how to start conversations with your kids to help them think critically and gain confidence for their belief in God so they don’t lose faith.

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5 Conversations to Protect Your Kids From Atheism

You'll notice that for the past few weeks I've been posting (a little backwards I admit!) articles about each of the three main arguments people offer for the existence of God, outside the Bible. In weeks to come, I'm going to tackle the two remaining and indispensable arguments for God, that come from the Bible. I'm going to give you a very special opportunity to use a new course I'm writing

For the past 10 years I’ve been writing and performing shows for kids that teach the Bible and tackle tricky subjects. But the main action is in the home; if I can help parents talk about tough issues so their kids develop a robust faith in Christ, I’m stoked.

Download this free guide that will give you a short cut for what you need to know, common arguments, conversation tips, key verses and useful resources for thinking critically about God’s existence

So you can dive more deeply into each of the 5 Conversations, here are the links to the earlier articles I wrote that expand the material in the FREE download:

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