ball tampering1When your kid plays a weekend sport and you see someone breaking the rules the first thing you think is ‘it’s not fair’, right?

Few of us would say, ‘look, everyone is entitled to their view. If they wish to play that way, then we need to respect their choice and interpretation of the game’.

Not likely. We charge up to the referee and point out the infraction, expecting a just response.

Why is this innate to our psyche?

Why does truth matter so much in sport?

Ok, it’s just a game and we agree to abide by certain rules to play the game. Aren’t we just voluntarily submitting to such rules for a period that applies to the game being played? Yes. So, don’t get too high and mighty and start questioning my morality…it’s not like it’s about some big ‘right or wrong’!

Or is it?  If there such a thing as truth then doesn't it matter?

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It’s just not cricket

‘What’s truth?’ is a subject that came to the fore in Australia during a recent international cricket match between Australia and South Africa. Our leading sport heroes, including our captain, Steve Smith who was recently hailed as being as good as the great Don Bradman, were caught in a rule breaking scandal. They were caught cheating by fiddling with the cricket ball to try and create an advantage while bowling to the other team.

Why sporting rules matter way more than just the silly game

You might have thought it would pass quickly through the media and be a point of discussion for a while among cricket fans and commentators. No. It became a national discussion, the only thing spoken about at the water cooler. You see, breaking the sporting rule, was not just about ignoring something players ‘voluntarily’ submit to, it goes much deeper. It's about something that matters and applies to everyone, even those who don't play the game.

What is ball tampering/fiddling? Is it that bad?

In this instance it involved the vice-captain, David Warner instructing a younger team member to rough up one side of the ball during play in order to encourage the ball to swing in the air and make it harder to play against.

The younger player, Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera pulling sandpaper from his pocket to rough up the ball. When it was shown on close up on the big screen he tried to hide the paper down his jocks. Captain Steve Smith watched in dismay, though was responsible for permitting the action having seen the two players discussing the matter earlier in the dressing room.

In the press conference that followed the players didn’t seem to have grasped the gravity of what they’d done. The Australian press and public were out for blood. No- one likes a cheat. It’s embarrassing really, that our country gets so uptight about sporting infractions but cares so little about larger moral issues. The amount of outrage is disproportionate to the impact of their actions on daily life. We should be more outraged by our politician’s shenanigans, our poor treatment of refugees or our lack of progress addressing indigenous needs.

Not long after the press conference in SA our players realized they’d cocked up and wouldn’t be getting off lightly. The captain and vice-captain resigned and days later Cricket Australia banned them from playing for a year.

What I found intriguing was the individual press conferences given by each of the players involved and how important truth is to all of us.

How we know there is truth that applies to everyone

You see, it became evident as each player admitted guilt and apologized that this infringement of a sports rule was much bigger. This was about truth, right and wrong.

Warner’s apology was the least satisfactory. He seemed to be still pretty caught up in himself and the impact of his actions on himself and the resultant ‘beating’ his family has got through the whole affair.

Smith seems genuinely to have accepted responsibility and taken Cricket Australia’s harsh penalty on the chin. Steve showed that this matter wasn’t just about a game and breaking a rule. It was about integrity and character and respect.

Most impressive was Cameron Bancroft’s apology. He was clearly deeply distressed at his own disregard for the values of his family and upbringing.

And this is my big take home message for you…there is truth in our world.

None of us live in the pretense of one rule being good for me and not you. It doesn’t work. These guys are more than upset about not playing cricket the right way. They’ve realized that their character is at stake and the respect of their family. Playing according to the rules shows your integrity not just at playing that sport but as to who you are as a person…about what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s about being truthful. It says that truth matters.

Which is our starting point for the unique videos I’ve made for you called ‘What’s Truth?’ Your kids are going to instantly relate to the unfairness of rules being broken and our Bible story will take them right into the biggest moment of truth our world has ever seen, Jesus’ trial before Pilate. There’s also an amazing rap song and music video plus bonus kid’s activity pages and a teacher resource booklet that fully round out this amazing resource for parents and kid’s ministry leaders.

When the truth is presented to us we can pretend to hide our guilt (Bancroft and his jocks). The Bible pictures this on judgement day with people running to the mountains and calling rocks to fall on them and hide them. But really, it’s pathetic to hide from God. We can dodge our responsibility (Warner verged on this during his press conference but later decided not to challenge the ban from cricket) or we can step into the light and accept what’s coming and seek mercy, as the lads have now tried to do in the wake of intense scrutiny, pressure and penalties.

God’s sight is clear, and He won’t miss a beat.

But as What’s truth? will remind your kids, that’s not the only thing. He is merciful, and Jesus was sent not to destroy but to show God’s love.

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