Truth is relative…truth is what you make it…?

But then some big computer company gets a bite taken out of its credibility when it sends out updates to make our phones obsolete. Truth still relative for you now? Then a major international sporting team is caught out on camera tampering with the ball in South Africa. So, what? Isn’t truth what you make it?

I wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but just in time for Easter Anton has got good news for you!

What is it?

What’s Truth? Video course for kids


Who should get it?

Both kid’s ministry leaders and parents

Why should both parents and kids ministry leaders get ‘What’s Truth?’

Our goal must be more than that our kids believe in the truth; we want them to be able to give good reasons why they believe Jesus is the truth for all. Anton’s here to make equipping your kids with those good reasons for what they believe, super easy.

When should you get it?


What’s Truth is perfectly suited to Easter celebrations and will take your child’s understanding of Easter to a new level as we explore the subject of ‘Truth’.

Anton’s Antics has been performing Easter shows for many years, one of them, a favourite, is called ‘What’s Truth?’ The show follows the story of Jesus’ trial before Pilate where he is asked ‘What’s Truth?’ I’ve taken one key part of the What’s Truth Live show and turned it into a video course for kids.

Will it work after Easter?


Truth is a subject we need to tackle year round!

Plus we’ve got an early bird incentive!

What will it do for you?

  • Fill your kid’s with confidence as to why Jesus is THE truth.
  • Give your kids good reasons why Jesus is the truth and tips on how to answer those who don’t believe.
  • Take your kids beyond just recalling the Easter story and develop their understanding of how Jesus came to reveal the truth about God and our world.
  • Give you a comprehensive teaching resource for your home or ministry. What’s Truth? Will make teaching why Jesus is ‘the’ truth super fun and engaging through a fun feature video.
  • Groove your kids minds in why Jesus is THE truth, beyond the feature video, through a new, powerful music video by rapper, Skito.

Plus there’s a bunch of bonuses that really round out the videos into a full program so your work is done either as a parent, homeschool mum or kids ministry leader.

  • Make revision and enrichment of your kids hassle free through comprehensive bonus discussion questions, activities and extension ideas.
  • Equip you as a parent to discuss the concept of truth through the bonus What’s Truth Parent Training video

Early Bird special

I’ve opened up the course so people can access the videos for Easter. Because of the Easter holidays I’m going to hold open an early bird price of only $27 (normally $37) for the next 14 days.

Build your child's confidence in Jesus as THE truth with Anton’s What’s Truth Video Course.