Getting back on the horse after a break is often not easy.

Some of us never get a break, hello mums! But the vacation provides at least a break in routine.

Some of us love our jobs and find holidays an intrusion. Some of us just love holidays (Anton!). Most of us work because we must, not necessarily in jobs we love. Some of us are in Christian ministry and that can be very stressful. The thought of cranking up another year…all those kid’s clubs, all those small groups, all those camps, oh and by the way, we need to start planning the Christmas carols event again…in February! Yep, hello new year.

Coming off the holiday or Christmas vacation can be brutal. My family just got back a week ago and I got sick straight up, barely making it out of bed for a couple of days when we returned…at least there was cricket to watch. But that return home left us low. Like we were on some emotion-muting drug.

A friend of my wife who is also a psychologist posted some helpful tips on Facebook recently to help people deal with the let down of coming off holidays. I thought I’d share them and encourage you with one of my own thoughts.

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7 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

  1. Practice helpful self-talk such as not dwelling on what has come to an end. Instead remind yourself that it will come around again
  2. Consider how you might feel good at times when you are working again
  3. Remind yourself that it’s not black and white, that is, holidays are awesome and works sucks or I can only relax on holidays.
  4. Practice gratitude
  5. Connect socially face to face with family and friends and appreciate them
  6. Practice ’mindfulness’: Five things you can see. Four things you can feel. Three things you can hear. Two things you can smell. One thing you can taste
  7. Reduce alcohol intake. Cut back on the food and increase whole foods.

Finally, I want to add my own…Scripture.

I want to dwell more on in my next posts.

In essence, dwelling on God’s word is an essential, crucial ingredient to beating the post-holiday blues. Often we can let the reading of scripture and prayer slide off the menu in vacations and that only deepens the ‘blues’ or let down of coming back off holidays.