Shin A Light SingleI’m super excited.

I love bringing Christian ministry to kids back into the home.

We’ve done that together with our deep dive training video, Shine a Light on the Old Christmas Story.

You’ve also been introduced to rapper, Skito, the third character of Anton’s Antics and his brand new music video for kids, Shine a Light

Make sure you’ve shown your kids the music video Shine a Light today!


Please also share this music video with your friends so they can grab the song for their kids and start equipping their kids to move from jealousy to joy not just at Christmas time but as a life long skill.

The song is now officially released so do your kids a service this Christmas and go straight to iTunes now and get your copy of Shine a Light!


P.S. In a day or two I’ll be giving you heads up about getting access and a great early bird discount to the ‘Star Struck’ video course that you can use this Christmas or over the holidays.

P.P.S Here’s that link again to buy ‘Shine a Light’ for your kids on iTunes