fresh light on christmas account from bibleWe all know but hate to admit that dark feeling of jealousy that creeps into our lives when someone else does better than we do.

In Australia it’s practically a national sport to do whatever it takes to prevent anyone from shining brighter than ourselves. Called ‘Tall poppy syndrome’, Australian’s do not believe anyone should rise above their ‘station’. When someone triumphs, we look the other way or worse, tear their achievement down. I know, it sounds horrible in print doesn’t it? But that’s the truth. Shine bright in your achievements…but please do it in the privacy of your bedroom!

Occasionally, we like to think we can celebrate other’s achievements. Generally, we don’t celebrate our achievers until the rest of the world does. We don’t champion them, but roll our eyes and think, ‘who do they think they are!’ But when American says this person is amazing…wow…we go ‘of course…and she’s from Australia did you know…and I went to school with her…’. No wonder everyone with an inch of success winds up in the States. It’s unbearable to want to succeed and actually succeed.

Social media all stars

Social media has turned us all into stars, as we plaster our digital walls with all our latest vanities, waiting for likes, hearts and retweets. So instead of a few undercelebrated Aussies, we know have 20 million of them, all waiting for recognition, acceptance, validation and praise.

The constant comparison that we can’t help but make as we scroll our feeds inevitably leads to a general depletion in joy and rise in the dark art of jealousy.

Our kids are growing up in this environment where comparison is not just at school or Saturday sport, but 24/7, virtual and potentially viral.

How can we help our kids beat the joy suckin’ monkey of social media?

By Shining a Fresh Light on the Old Christmas Story!

Herod would have loved social media.

But I reckon he would have controlled it, a bit like North Korea does.

Right now, you can get FREE access for a few more days to my very special parent/ministry leader training video that’s all about the Christmas account from Matthew’s gospel chapter 2.

It's called: 'Shine a Fresh Light on the Old Christmas Story'

I’ll show you how we can shine a fresh light on the old Christmas story and beat that joy suckin’ monkey off our kids’ backs.

But you’ll have to hurry, the video will be coming down and form part of a paid course real soon.

PS: At the end of the video, you'll find our first ever music video for your family to reinforce the key teaching.

So make sure you catch the video, Here’s the link again:

Shine a Fresh Light on the Old Christmas Story

Merry Christmas

Stephen (aka Anton)

PS: Shortly I'll be in touch with more info about where to get the song and the paid video course that I mention in the free training video.