I got my letter from the government asking me to vote yes or no on changes to the marriage law. What would you vote?

You’ll hear it spoken of in terms like, 'marriage equality'. It’s interesting how that is framed isn’t it? Who wouldn’t be for equality on any issue, right?

Most people don’t realise that there is a third option to 'yes' or 'no' and ’ll share it with you at the end of this post!

Roll up, roll up every kid wins a prize!

I wouldn’t be the first person to question or make fun of the ease at which children earn awards, merits and trophies these days. Take the local sporting team. Every kid without fail will get a trophy at the end of the season. Why? Because they turned up and parents paid for the trophies anyway with their fees at the start of the season. Meaningless?

When I was a lad, we got a pennant if we came 2nd or 3rd in the comp. A trophy was for the premier team and you might get one person on your team awarded ‘best and fairest’ or ‘sportsman of the year’. I really learnt to work hard and value those awards. I still have them. All three. I don’t think I can throw them out. But my kids, they need shelves to house the voluminous bounty of shiny fake wood, fake metal, non-engraved ‘thanks for coming’ trophies. Ok, occasionally they have some real earners: ‘Best team player’ or ‘premiers’. But now they are getting older, they even look at many of their trophies as clutter; deleterious self-esteem builders from an era where to be equal means giving everyone the same, regardless of merit. You see if you paid your fees and turned up to training most of the time, that shiny sugar hit of encouragement, that growing, nostalgic emptiness that will haunts you in later life, is yours.

Why do we allow such ease of merit to our kids? Self-esteem. We don’t want a sad little Johnnie. We are trying to avoid causing any harmful discrimination. So, everyone gets the same and no-one is left out feeling less than they should be.

Confetti trophies and marriage redefinition.

When awards are handed out like this, it’s like confetti. Just throw it out there and let people grab it. Otherwise we’re in danger of leaving people out and causing harm to their mental health. It’s a lot like the call for marriage redefinition these days. Why can’t everyone can call themselves married? If we don’t throw marriage out their like confetti to the wind so anyone who wants it can grab it and own it, then aren’t we being harmfully discriminatory? Won’t some people jump of bridges if we fail to include them?

Australian Medical Association makes marriage redefinition a health issue

Ok I exaggerate a little. But if you’ve been reading the news lately, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has recently begun putting its weight behind marriage equality, encouraging the ‘yes’ vote. This about face, led by the new CEO, also a lesbian, claims to be about gay and lesbian health. By allowing them to have marriage, the argument goes, they’ll be healthier and less prone to depression. Not all doctors are happy with the stance and some have pulled their membership.

The way the marriage law change has been made a health issue by the AMA’s comes across like a ‘silver bullet’ for gay health. But the reality, often hidden by organisations like the AMA for fear of negative reprisals and not wanting to ‘judge’ people’s choices, is that the gay community and indeed any sexually promiscuous person, regardless of orientation, heterosexual or not, is not living a healthy lifestyle. There are much bigger health issues that impact such lifestyles than feeling left out of the marriage ‘trophy’.

Logos, trademarks, equality and more confetti

You may think to be fair we must give everyone the same. But giving all kids a trophy just waters down the value. The encouragement our kids could normally expect becomes meaningless.

Companies spend lots of money developing logos, trademarks, patents and protecting them. Think of the gargantuan battle between Apple and Samsung a few years back. People should reap rewards from things they created and own. You don’t give those rights away willy-nilly. So, when it comes to marriage, a logo and trademark that has been around for eons, owned by the heterosexual couple who build the family unit and basic building block of society, why would we share it? Why throw it out there like a worthless rag, like confetti just so a few people can justify their alternative lifestyle and feel a bit better about themselves? As I’ve noted before, this recent push is not really about kids or marriage as we know it. Instead it’s about redefining marriage in terms of what makes any person happy.

Anyhoo, this all may start to sound, oh so homophobic! But, it’s just another opinion. And we should be free to hold differing opinions. Kids deserve a mum and a dad. Kids come from a mum and a dad. I’d like us to reappraise the value of our logo and fight for our trademark instead of throwing it around like confetti.

Scary heterophobia

If you want bigotry, intolerance and scary heterophobia…check this tweet out from an Australian pro same sex marriage advocate and TV personality:

“Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate f*%#k all the anti-gay MP’s in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system”. (reported in the SMH, News Review, September 16-17, 2017, p32)

This is how our politicians are being treated.

Our democratic process should be respected and our politicians too.

This is who you are holding hands with when you vote 'yes'.

We all have a chance to vote and say what we think is best. Yes or No?

Hasn’t the horse bolted already? Aka shut up Christians!

Surely, we just say ‘yes’ and let a secular society continue its path to oblivion?

You may not be convinced Christians or the church should have a say or influence government. But we do. It’s part of the bill of human rights for a start. Christians shouldn’t just acquiesce and swim in the sewer as Lot did. Instead we are the beacon of light and hope as we speak the truth in love to our society.

You may think the horse has bolted. You may think that since we opened marriage to ‘no fault divorce’ that society has moved progressively away from the definition of marriage that has its roots in the Bible. So why not, as one Jesuit priests eloquently explained on Lateline recently, vote yes, but with reservations?

But what about all those rights that will be called into question because of granting marriage equality. Will we be undermining more rights than we uphold?

-freedom of speech

-freedom of opinion

-freedom of religion

-freedom to participate in government.

Wherever marriage law permitting same sex marriage has been enshrined, such rights have been diluted, challenged.

A Third option- ‘dunno’ (don’t know)

Surely a better way forward if you feel you might vote yes, but would prefer other, equally important rights remain protected, is to vote NO until the government properly debates and protects these other rights.

Really, that’s all we must do.

A shopper with a doubt is a non purchase.

Cast enough doubt, share our concerns with our friends, permit people to err on the side of caution and not presumption.

It’s Ok to not be convinced or unsure at this stage of the 'yes' vote.

Encourage the government to do their job and convince us a ‘yes’ vote will not impact other rights.

It’s Ok to say ‘Du-NO’

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