My wife and I avoided weekend sport for our kids for as long as we could. We held out, we dodged, we distracted our kids from the topic but we eventually caved into the inevitable and devastating loss of our weekend.

Friends would pop over and talk about how much little johnnie loved his weekend game of soccer. We’d change topics or wait till the kids were out of earshot before we encouraged any more of that conversation.

I’m glad to say that all our fears about weekend sport for kids like the terrible traffic, impossible parking issues were only the beginning.

Just imagine your entire region descending on one playing field at the same time. Tired working parents hit weekend grid lock, gritting their teeth as they drag kids out of bed to get to the game on time. Or as the kids drag their dad out of bed kicking and screaming!

Then Try finding the court.

You need a paint chart from the hardware store just to identify your kid’s teams colours from another team’s. They’re so similar!

I gest. But It does make me feel self-conscious. Am I the only one who looks over this overwhelming sea of school colours and balls and courts and feels…overwhelmed. How does anyone find where they are supposed to be other than walking around like Moses in the wilderness?

“Oh, wait there it is…there’s my kids colours”…you walk over gradually getting closer until you’re almost upon them … “nope, that’s green and gold with a tiny white swoosh under the arm pit, silly me I don’t know why I didn’t see that half a kilometer away on the other side of the field!”

I spend the first quarter solving the court location. By 2nd quarter I’m there but they’ve put my daughter on reserve for that part of the game. Happy days dad.

Oh, by the way the alternative is to hunt for the court number. They paint numbers on the courts in tiny fonts, but there’s no map…and no sequence. It’s like some guy wrote down the numbers of 1-50, tossed them in the air and picked them up and then painted them on the courts in that order.

You walk around like an ostrich looking for an egg or whatever.

The Hijacking of Half Time Oranges

The other day I had to bring the half time oranges.

Only now, you’re asked to bring a bag of lollies (or candy) too.

Say what?

That’s right a bag of sugary, artificial, fake food is now part of the half time snack.

What was wrong with the staple…healthy, fleshy, vibrant, nectar of the gods: oranges?

Why offer the other?

What message does this send to the kids? They’re both the same, oranges and lollies.

We are saying the two are no different, but equally nutritious, without distinction.

That’s right, we’re caving in and saying that original, organic is the same as the novelty, the artificial!

So why not pop a large candy snake in our kid’s lunchboxes instead of an apple?

When we juxtapose the two like this, we are teaching our kids not to be concerned about the choice, just go with what you feel like, there is no order to bother yourself with.

Hijacking Marriage

It’s a bit like the Same Sex marriage argument.

We’re being told that all relationships are the same, equally deserving of being recognized as ‘married’ As long as someone wants the title, why should they be denied it?

Though I doubt many kids would prefer two mums or two dads to having a mum and a dad, supporters of the same sex marriage are not terribly concerned. Why? Because this debate is not about kids. Sad. It should be. Instead the debate practically ignores kids and the family as we know them and have known them for as long as time stands, and instead focusses on the happiness of individuals. We’ve only got ourselves to blame. When we make marriage and divorce about whether you are happy…who is to stop others from reaching happiness? If I’m gay and getting married will make me happy, why should anyone deny? Heterosexual couples get to be happy, why should anyone stand in the way of my gay happiness too?

And so the bag of lollies, the new kid on the block, the artificial, wants to be called a nutritious orange. Equally valid. Another option of equal value. Hmmm. Parents should be more protective of their title. We shouldn’t be giving away our trademark so lightly.

Two males or two females or two ‘non- gender specifics’ don’t make a marriage or a family of equal value to a child. Children, ideally, need both a male and female parent. Studies would undoubtedly support this. But again, supporters of gay marriage don’t care because we’ve loosened the point of marriage away from its created purpose. Instead we have tethered marriage to the narcistic and dead-end pursuit of individual happiness.

Our kids need the wisdom of how to live in God’s order and so we need to keep drawing them back to the beauty and delight of God’s word.

Join me and Anton as we explore the significance and immense value of God’s word for living in Anton’s A-Z to the Good Life.

Some kids hit the lollies and ignore the good stuff, feeling worse for it after. Our kids, if we have taught them wisely, know better than to just take the lollies at half time. They go straight for the old oranges and carefully limit their lolly intake knowing they don’t compare. But surely we can go a step further? Let’s just remove the lollies and get back to the good old oranges.